Staff Top-Product Picks: March

We are kicking off March with the first installment of BaxterBoo Staff Top-Product Picks.  We order, stock, sell, and ship every product, so with all this time spent with the merchandise, we thought we would share a few items each month that we like the best and why.

This month, we know that you are getting excited for the weather to warm up, the snow to clear, and the chance for you and your pet to get out in the sun and play.  So we decided to look into some of our toys and gadgets at BaxterBoo!  Please remember, these are just some employee favorites. You know your pet best, so you will be the best judge to know if these products will be a good fit for you and your buddy.

Silly Pulls Dog Toys

They are ruff and tough, yet adorable and fun! The arms and legs of SillyPulls by Doggles are designed in an “X” and super stitched to form an excellent toy for pulling, shaking and general rough housing. Who says that tough toys have to be boring?

Four layers of 1680D ballistic nylon under the plush skin provide ultimate durability. Made with Eco-Friendly materials!

Chuckit Flying Squirrel Fetch Dog Toy

The aerodynamic Flying Squirrel dog toy makes games of fetch more fun. More exciting than ordinary flying disks, this unique dog toy flies far and spins in a whirl of bright colors. Dogs can’t resist chasing it down. It even floats for retrieval in water! This dog toy features rugged, multi-layer nylon construction with durable rubber feet and raised sides for easy pick up. Not a chew toy. The ChuckIt Flying Squirrel is available in 3 sizes:

9″ Small, 10″ Medium, and 11″ Large.

Why we Love It:

Playing fetch with your dog is a favorite activity for all of us here at BaxterBoo and this toy is no exception.  With its durable material and it’s fun colors and style, we know that this toy will become a favorite for you and your dog too!

Flight Instructions:

1. Grab the Chuckit Squirrel by one of its “paws”.

2. Coil your wrist toward your forearm.

3. Throw the Chuckit Squirrel out in front of your dog, and watch the pursuit.

* Throw the Chuckit Squirrel like a flying disk—the more spin, the better it flies.

Orbee-Tuff Tug Toy

Release the primal urge with TUG™. Sleek and stylish, TUG can take any torque, yank or power-jaw pull a dog can dish out. It has just enough flexibility and give to have a rousing game of tug-o-woof. Its unique “flip-grip” technology allows contests of strength and tenacity to be held two ways: person vs. dog or dog vs. dog. Although this amazing toy is made from Orbee-Tuff® material which makes it durable, minty, and buoyant, it is intended for tossing (on land or in water) and tugging, not chewing! TUG is 100% reversible.

Rinses clean, non-toxic and recyclable. Made in the U.S.A.

Tiny TUG measures 7.75″ long.

Big TUG measures 11″ long.

Planet Dog is an eco-thinking company that makes eco-friendly pet products for a good cause. A percentage of their sales goes to the Planet Dog Foundation that trains, places and supports dogs who work to help people in need. Think Globally, Act Doggedly.

Come with Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash

Boo and Mary from our marketing department enjoy their break with the Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash.

This Boo-approved harness is designed to give you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten. Its patent-pending design allows for gentle pressure on the leash, which cradles your cat, thus restraining any forward motion without putting pressure on the delicate throat area. Mary says the bungee leash makes outdoor exploration safe and stress free for her and Boo (not to mention for birds!)

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