Feline Friday: Finally! Cats Get Their Own Film Fest!

Dear Gentle Readers,

We cats rule the Internet. We are YouTube sensations. It was just a matter of time before we were given the recognition we deserve as artists and actors. We know you feel guilty about hiding in your cubicles watching us, hoping your coworkers don’t see… Continue reading

Meet the Breed: Havanese

The Havanese is an adorable dog that I will probably select as a future pet. I’ve always found their personalities and springy gait very charming. Being the non-shedding, less-allergenic type is also a bonus. But after I met the famous pup Jasmine and her handler CJ Jackson at BlogPaws 2012, I  knew I was smitten! Continue reading

Watch Out, Fido! Facebook Says You’re Fake!

Facebook has announced that they are going to be deleting 83 million fake and duplicate accounts. This includes your pets’ profile pages, and companies using the Facebook profiles. According to them, these profiles violate the social network’s terms of service by falling into one of three categories: duplicate accounts, misclassified accounts, and undesirable spam-type accounts. Continue reading

LA Considers Ban on Commercially-Bred Pets

Los Angeles, CA pet stores may be fined $250-$1,000 for selling commercially-bred cats, dogs, and rabbits if the committee-approved ordinance is passed by the full city council. If the law passes, pet stores will only be able to facilitate adoptions from shelters or humane societies. Continue reading

Economic Challenges Affecting Pet Ownership

Should we be dabbing the sweat off our brows with the latest numbers showing that overall pet ownership has dropped 2.4% since 2006? After all, we are a company that has been thriving on the fact that our customers love to pamper their pets!

The American Veterinary Medical Association surveyed 50,000 households from 2006 to 2011 and found that dog ownership declined 1.9% and households with cats decreased by 6.2%, though cats still outnumber dogs. Continue reading

Back to School Can Be an Adjustment for Your Pets

The summer months can be full of activities for the household if you have students home during the summer. The animals may have become accustomed to going on hikes, heading to the park, and generally having a lot of attention throughout the day. Don’t be surprised to see your pets acting a bit blue when things get a little more mellow around the house. Here are some tips for making the transition easier for them. Continue reading

Meet the Breed: Siberian Husky

We’re getting ready to do something new with our blog, and one thing we want to offer is a resource for our readers for learning about various dog and cat breeds. We’ll also be making our blog more user friendly to navigate through past topics and be more interactive.

The first breed we’re covering is the Siberian Husky, based on inspiration from my travels to Alaska. We’d love to have your input on which breeds you’d like to have covered and share your experiences with featured breeds. Continue reading

Treadmills: Not Just for Humans Anymore

Pet obesity is on the rise and one increasingly popular solution is treadmills for dogs. Not only do these tools assist in helping dogs shed extra pounds, but they can also be helpful with behavioral issues.

Just as exercise helps to relieve stress and raises mood in people, well-exercised animals are more likely to be well-adjusted emotionally when their physical bodies have the opportunity to be active. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Cats Make a Difference for Seattle Teen Cancer Patient

Seattle’s Children’s Hospital went the extra mile for 16-year-old Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem, who spent 11 months in the hospital while waiting for a compatible bone marrow donor. Because of her suppressed immune function, she was unable to have the comfort of her beloved cat Merry, so the hospital social media coordinator suggested making a post on their Facebook homepage requesting cat photos to encourage their young charge. Continue reading