LA Considers Ban on Commercially-Bred Pets

Los Angeles, CA pet stores may be fined $250-$1,000 for selling commercially-bred cats, dogs, and rabbits if the committee-approved ordinance is passed by the full city council. If the law passes, pet stores will only be able to facilitate adoptions from shelters or humane societies.

Could this save lives?

Supporters of the proposal say the law is needed to give adoptable dogs and cats a chance to find homes instead of being euthanized, and to shut down puppy mills by limiting demand. Some council members were cautiously supportive but wondered if a ban would simply encourage illegal breeding, and send buyers online.

Critics of the ban said that pet buyers seeking pure-bred pets would simply start buying them online and from local breeders. Additionally, the exact wording of the proposal hasn’t been readily available, so it is unclear how breed/hobby enthusiasts would be affected.

A Story to Watch

This will be an interesting case to watch as there are many forces at work with this issue. You have animal extremists who believe that no one should own pets as it is intrinsically inhumane. On the other side are people who simply view animals as a means to make a profit. In the middle are those of us who believe that pets and humans enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. There are those that work hard to ethically develop various breeds. And most people support the idea of adopting animals from shelters as well.

What do you think about this proposal? Have the lawmakers gone too far? Will this actually help get animals adopted? Or will folks just find other ways to shop for pets?

Pet shop photo courtesy of saturnism.

For more information, visit the Los Angeles Times.

4 thoughts on “LA Considers Ban on Commercially-Bred Pets

  1. I’m 100% for it. I think it would definitely impact the mills in cutting down demand. With a little education, people would realize they can get pure-bred dogs from rescues. Anyone with half a brain who wants a pure-bred dog of a certain breed is going to do their homework and search out a reputable breeder anyway, unless you’re like me and purposely go for the less adoptable ones because they deserve homes, too. I have 7 dogs, 6 pure bred and 1 designer mix, a chiweenie, 6 from mills and 1 from a hoarder. Another point, people, if you’re looking for the healthiest dog, search out that reputable breeder. The dogs you get from backyard breeders and pet stores are usually rife with defects, which means big vet bills down the road. Adopt from a rescue and they come fully vetted, altered, sometimes microchipped, saving you a bundle. Many are older, so you don’t have to deal with the puppy issues. Most the rescue or foster home can tell you a lot about the dog’s personality and any issues because they’ve been observing the dog. A pet store or someone selling on the corner or online is going to tell you anything, including lies, because all they care about is getting you to open your wallet.

  2. For God’s sake, is there nothing we do that the government doesn’t have a say in. This is a revolting idea. Let the people who want pure bred dogs have them and let those who want to rescue do so. It’s pitiful that the government doesn’t have better things to do with their time. Perhaps they would like to regulate the number of children we have so we can adopt instead.

  3. There are already too many stray dogs running around Los Angeles. No one is really ready to commit to owning a furry animal with the IQ of a vegetable. The best option for our immediate safety concerns, is to put them down. To kill the dogs is the most viable and humane option. I’m sure the furry little devils don’t like eating trash or freezing to death, homeless, in the winter time.

    Why do people even keep dogs as pets when it is against the words of the Bible?
    Less commercialism…in America….hahahahaha…dream on.

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