Ticks: Blood Suckers Without Edward Cullen’s Good Looks

Skin like diamonds and hair that flows in gorgeous waves, Edward Cullen is a vampire that has won the hearts of many 14-year-old girls. Not as lucky in popularity are ticks. These blood suckers are tiny creatures that come around every spring and summer, reeking havoc on your furry friends. Continue reading

Spring Breezes Could Equal Disaster: Be Prepared with Pet Emergency Kits

We’ve waited all winter for this! The cold winter chill is withering away and you can take a fresh breath of air without feeling like your lungs are frostbitten. Finally, the birds are chirping, the daffodils are in bloom, and soft winds with warm temperatures are all telling a tale of a sweet spring. Continue reading

Celebrating a Safe St. Patrick’s Day, Baxter-Boo Style

Photo courtesy of: Mihnea™'s Photostream

Flooded with green beer and Irish drinking songs, you can bet every pub in the city is going to be packed on March 17. However, despite the common misconception that St. Patrick’s Day is limited to beer drinkers and leprechauns, the holiday can be celebrated by everyone. Continue reading

Winter Pet Hazards You Didn’t Know Lurked Beneath The Snow


The term “a winter wonderland” doesn’t always exactly describe the winter months that consume four months out of the year. While the image of white flakes falling from the sky can be quite beautiful, there are several walking hazards that come with the beautiful white blankets of snow. Continue reading

Celebrating National Change a Pet’s Life Day: What Could You Do to Show Your Appreciation


So, you’ve started marking off your New Year’s Resolution list (well, at least we hope). However, starting a new year off can be difficult. There’s a ton of pressure to start changing small things in your life, like vowing to work out more or start doing more good deeds in society.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Lucky for you, January 24, just so happens to be National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Generally, pets are very easy to please, which means that you can improve your life by doing more good deeds for pets while not altering your life immensely. Continue reading

Health Problems of Popular Dog Breeds


Photo courtesy: cloneofsnake

There’s a reason pet stores are still in business and pure-bred adoption agencies have grown; people just can’t seem to get enough of pure-bred puppies. One of the number one reasons people pick a pure bred over a mix is because they think they know what they’re getting when they are able to choose the breed. It’s believed that when you get those AKC papers, your pup is perfect.

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French Bulldog Replaces Kardashian in Skechers Ad

Kim Kardashian’s 72-hour marriage has been exploding in the media. It’s come to the point that every time I receive a US Weekly magazine in the mail, my husband automatically asks, “What’s Kim Kardashian doing now?”

She’s had so much media attention that I’ve actually started to produce an up-chuck reflex every time I see her face. Since I’ve started to avoid any news containing the reality TV star that sold her soul to the media, it was unlikely that I would be very fond of a recent news article.

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Genesis Service Dogs: Providing Free Service Dogs


It’s pretty obvious that we have an obsession with dogs at BaxterBoo, but hey, who doesn’t? Their loving, furry, and oh so cute! Besides the fact that they provide support and solace when you’re having a rough day, dogs can provide a service to the needy.

Service dogs are trained to assist humans with special needs. Many non-profit organizations have sprung up in recent years that train pups to become guide dogs, balance dogs, seizure alert dogs, insulin level detection dogs, wheel-chair assistance dogs, hearing dogs, and many more.

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Seeing Eye Dog for a Dog?

Friendship is no strange word to a dog. Typically called man’s best friend, dogs are uniquely loving creatures by nature. Man isn’t the only friend a dog has, they also find and hold deep friendships within their species.

Lily and Maddison are two Great Danes that share a passion for each other. Not in an intimate way, but rather they have friendship that runs deep. Without Maddison, Lily would have a tough time surviving.

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Dog Survives 4 Days Buried in an Avalanche


Superheroes are more than just figures out of a comic book. While their super-cool powers and capes may seem like requirements to qualify for superhero status, they can be everyday people doing something extraordinary. One doesn’t have to dress in tights and stop five bank robbers just to be able to do something amazing.

Heck, you don’t even have to be a person to be a superhero! Animals do plenty of amazing things every day, and most of the time, they don’t receive the credit they deserve. At BaxterBoo, we’ve written blogs before about furry critters that leave us shaking our heads in disbelief, and this story is no different.

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