What is it Boy?! What’s the matter buddy?

It’s long been stated that dogs can sense things – from something as simple as his owner having a bad day, to natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes. Some would even claim their pets can sense paranormal activity! So how much credit can we give our hairy heroes?  We decided to take a look at why and how dogs can sense these sensational events.

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Dogs That Are Built For the Great Outdoors!


Best of the Best:

Best Dogs for Outdoor Living

Okay, so Pom-poms, Chihuahuas, and Yorkies are all adorable dogs.  But let’s be honest, if you take your Yorkie camping, you may not come back with him.  In some cases, you can’t let your dog outside to do his duty without fear of losing him!  We live in Colorado, and there is over 2 feet of snow on the ground right now.  We would have to attach a 3-foot tall flag to a Chihuahua to let him go outside!  So that leads us to our next series of dogs.

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Are You Ready For a Puppy?

Photo courtesy of "Mike" Michael L. Baird

Dog or Dogs?  One is great.  So two must be amazing, right?  Well, don’t get yourself in over your head.  We live in an ever-changing world that can sometimes throw us for a loop.  Would you be ready to be there for your new family member at the drop of a hat?

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Superbowl Dog Commercials: The Best of the Best


Best of the Best:

Best Superbowl Commercials with Dogs

Dog with Football

Best Super bowl Commercials with Dogs

What do Lassie, Air Bud, and Beethoven have in common? The stars of these shows are all dogs! Dogs have been everywhere in Hollywood. They swarm the media from big-budget movies, television shows, to commercials. With all the great dog-influenced Superbowl commercials this year, we thought it would be fun to take a look back through time and view some of the best Super Bowl commercials with our furry four-legged friends!

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