The Best Tips for Photographing Your Pets!

You’ve seen how fans and friends send in photos of their pets and win fabulous prizes. You may wonder, “How can I take such great photos?” Because like all parents, your job is to think that your pet is the cutest! Well here are some tips to help you capture your pet’s best moments both to share and to keep your precious memories forever. Continue reading

Best Tips for Alleviating Pet Distress While You’re Gone

In yesterday’s blog we shared how dogs are therapeutic in the work environment, but the concept is only just now getting traction. If you can’t take your dog with you, how can you make life better for your dog while you’re out? After all, content dogs are much less likely to be destructive. Continue reading

Best Dogs For Apartment Living!

What breeds are best suited for apartment living?  Well that may be the wrong question to ask.  When looking for a dog that would be happy living in an apartment, you need to look for energy levels.  Even within the same litter of pups, there are ones that are more energetic then the others.

Exercise is crucial for any dog.  You have to think of your home like a dog cage, just because you let your dog outside, doesn’t mean he has gotten the exercise he needs.  Of course when you only have an apartment, your dog has an even smaller cage to live in.

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Best Grooming Products!

Spring is upon us and we all know that along with it comes the always anticipated act of Spring Cleaning!  From a personal standpoint, I know that when my dog sheds his winter coat, I am in need of a good set of tools that can help groom my dog from all that pesky hair and get your pet ready for a day at the dog park!  Check out these awesome products from that will do wonders for you and your pet! Continue reading

Best Tick, Flea, and Preventative Products from BaxterBoo!

We all want to stop and sniff the flowers, but sometimes you can end up with more then a cute photo.  With all this talk about ticks, I decided to give our fellow furry friend lovers some insight into the products that we carry at BaxterBoo that can help protect your dog this season! Continue reading

Best Dogs for Senior Citizens!


Best of the Best: The Best Dogs for Senior Citizens!

Senior citizens benefit in so many ways from having a dog around the house: from the love and affection that they give, to the sense of responsibility a person can receive from tending to their own pet.  We decided to dive into this idea and give you a list of a few dogs that are great for senior citizens.

There are so many dogs out there that are looking for nothing more than a warm lap to lie on.  And if a warm lap is something you can offer, then we have some great suggestions on for the right dog for you or someone who could use some extra companionship.

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Best Dog Tricks!

This all started as a search for dogs playing basketball, but it led to some amazing dog tricks in general!  Of course we know that dogs can do some amazing tricks; from flipping treats off their nose, to roll over and play dead!  So we decided to obtain a collection of some of our favorite ones, and we would like to hear which one you like the best!

 Check them out and let us know!

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Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!


Best of the Best:

The Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!

Spring is on its way (or so we hope, because the weather seems so unpredictable this year).  What steps can you take to get your beloved pets ready for the spring season?

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Best of the Best: Easy Trainers


Best of the Best:

The Best Dogs for Quick Training!

Dogs that can be trained easily are seen working throughout the world, from the Army, to the local police forces, from farms, to working with the physically handicapped.  Easily trained dogs are great for families that are new to dogs.  Not only will you be able to teach these dogs almost anything, when you get a new puppy, the older dog that is already trained will help to train the new puppy.

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