Yes, You Can Train Your Cat Tricks!

And your cat may actually enjoy it (more than Ms. Bunny ears here.) You probably think your cat believes you are here to serve him or her. And perhaps you are. But this does not mean that cats cannot be trained. They are very smart, and can be motivated to please others, especially when treats and affection are the prize! Continue reading

Demystifying the Feline Mystique (Baxter’s Guide to Cat Body Language)

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that I am not the only one who finds cat behavior somewhat difficult to understand. Ms. Boo can be charming (and purring) one moment, and nipping me the next. As an ambassador for peace and refinement, I felt our fans could appreciate my observations to better understand these complex creatures. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: National Walk In the Park Day – March 30th

Can You Really Take Your Cat on a Walk?

Today is National Walk in the Park Day. And Fridays are also all about felines here at BaxterBoo. (Hurrah for Boo!) You may be wondering how these two things can possibly work together. Well, feline friends, we’re here to expand your kitty’s horizons and say it is possible for you both to enjoy outings together. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo

Dear Gentle Readers,

Baxter, as wonderful as he is, is a bit of a narcissist and has made our website much too dog-centric. I’ve been patient, but seeing Baxter globetrotting and bringing back mere trinkets for me… well, let’s just say cats should never scrape for crumbs, especially when we have surpassed dogs in human ownership!  And, hello, cats rule the Internet! Don’t feel guilty about it… we know how many hours you’ve spent watching our hypnotizing antics on YouTube.

To counteract the blatant dog/cat discrepancy on the site, I, Lady Boo am going to be taking the helm of buying and featuring new, magnificent products for discriminating cat enthusiasts. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Trap, Neuter and Return Programs – Are They Effective?

We’ve touched on the issue of stray and feral cats in a previous blog and I promised to highlight some methods being used to address this situation. First, if you are new to this subject like me, I thought it would be helpful to give some definitions to round out our knowledge:

  • Stray cats: domestic cats that have had human socialization which are now homeless.
  • Feral cats: offspring of stray cats that have had no socialization with humans.
  • Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR): A humane and effective way of dealing with feral and stray cat populations. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Cat Saves Owner on His Adoption Day

We’ve recently mentioned how animals seem to have supernatural abilities to sense danger, and this amazing story confirms it. Amy Jung of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and her son Ethan spontaneously adopted a couple of cats from their local shelter on February 8. Pudding, a large 21-pound orange and white tabby made himself at home quickly, acting as if he’d always lived there.

That night, Jung went to bed and apparently started having a diabetic seizure. Pudding jumped on her chest and began batting her face and biting her nose in an effort to wake her up. He was able to bring her to consciousness long enough for her to be able to call out to her son, though it wasn’t enough to wake Ethan. So the giant cat went into his bedroom to wake him as well by jumping on his bed, which enabled him to hear that something was wrong with his mother. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Feral Cats – A Tiny Tale

I live on the edge of a neighborhood that backs to open space that is home to coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, and lots of soaring hawks and eagles.  I like to take in the beautiful view of Pike’s Peak and assess the weather for the day, and one early spring day looked pretty chilly and windy. As I scanned the beautiful view, I noticed something out of the ordinary. There, on the high privacy fence post, was a dark bit of fluff. I decided to investigate, hoping it wasn’t an ill bat or something. Continue reading