Hybrids: Designer Doggies or Just Mutts?

I have never been one that has desired designer clothing, needed a fancy car, nor been a fan of designer prices. Perhaps that was why I felt comfortable with getting a puppy of mixed heritage from a friend at a bargain price. Continue reading

BaxterBoo is Expanding!

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure (and a bit of pomp) that I get to announce that, thanks to our fans and fellow pet lovers, we are growing! Of course Ms. Boo believes she may have something to do with this, and I shan’t be the one to correct her! Continue reading

Dogs: They Get You Out and Moving!

Yipe! What happened to those New Year’s Resolutions? You wanted to get in shape and love your fellow man! Have no fear. Fido and Fifi are here to help! What better workout partner and ambassador is there than your dog? No matter what your exercise or social level, both you and your pup will enjoy an outing with fresh air, activity, and new friendships. Continue reading

Baxter (Tries to) offer Boo a Bone

Being the gentledog that I am, I am not too proud to concede that Ms. Boo may have a point when she states that the BaxterBoo.com website is rather dog-centric. True, we dogs do have the designation of being “man’s best friend.” May I remind you that this is a human accolade, not one I came up with. I am simply repeating the timeless observation. Continue reading

March Madness a la Baxter Boo!

Are you the “ultimate” college basketball fan?

Do you use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to stock up on body and face paint?

Is your alarm clock the sound of the buzzer at the end of an epic game?

If these are things that describe you, then we have the items that will help express your personality through your pet!

With everything from cheerleader dog dresses to collars, we have the items that are right for you!  Check out some of the awesome items below, and don’t forget to check out all of our NCAA apparel!


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Don’t let another game day pass you buy without some awesome game day apparel for your pup!

Celebrating a Safe St. Patrick’s Day, Baxter-Boo Style

Photo courtesy of: Mihnea™'s Photostream

Flooded with green beer and Irish drinking songs, you can bet every pub in the city is going to be packed on March 17. However, despite the common misconception that St. Patrick’s Day is limited to beer drinkers and leprechauns, the holiday can be celebrated by everyone. Continue reading

Baxter Boo Now Offers “Dog is Good®” Products

Baxter Boo.com is excited to announce a new product line we are carrying from a company called Dog is Good®.  Knowing that we like to treat our customers like family, we thought we’d share a bit of the back story on this company so you can understand the spirit behind the products. Continue reading

Love Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but this Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit difficult as I’ve recently been through a bad breakup… sigh. But to keep things positive, I know that the holiday of affection is not just for romantic love. Love can be expressed to friends, family, and especially our pets! After all, why wouldn’t we want to show appreciation for our furry friends who love us unconditionally, sometimes more faithfully than people? (Not that I’m bitter or anything.)

Disclaimer: This blog will be a shameless plug for our products here at BaxterBoo.com. But where else could you find so many cute, romantic gifts for your pets? We were inspired by these vintage Valentines to showcase some of our favorite pet outfits. Continue reading