Hybrids: Designer Doggies or Just Mutts?

I have never been one that has desired designer clothing, needed a fancy car, nor been a fan of designer prices. Perhaps that was why I felt comfortable with getting a puppy of mixed heritage from a friend at a bargain price. Continue reading

Best Grooming Products!

Spring is upon us and we all know that along with it comes the always anticipated act of Spring Cleaning!  From a personal standpoint, I know that when my dog sheds his winter coat, I am in need of a good set of tools that can help groom my dog from all that pesky hair and get your pet ready for a day at the dog park!  Check out these awesome products from BaxterBoo.com that will do wonders for you and your pet! Continue reading

Best Tick, Flea, and Preventative Products from BaxterBoo!

We all want to stop and sniff the flowers, but sometimes you can end up with more then a cute photo.  With all this talk about ticks, I decided to give our fellow furry friend lovers some insight into the products that we carry at BaxterBoo that can help protect your dog this season! Continue reading

Ticks: Blood Suckers Without Edward Cullen’s Good Looks

Skin like diamonds and hair that flows in gorgeous waves, Edward Cullen is a vampire that has won the hearts of many 14-year-old girls. Not as lucky in popularity are ticks. These blood suckers are tiny creatures that come around every spring and summer, reeking havoc on your furry friends. Continue reading

Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!


Best of the Best:

The Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!

Spring is on its way (or so we hope, because the weather seems so unpredictable this year).  What steps can you take to get your beloved pets ready for the spring season?

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What is it Boy?! What’s the matter buddy?

It’s long been stated that dogs can sense things – from something as simple as his owner having a bad day, to natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes. Some would even claim their pets can sense paranormal activity! So how much credit can we give our hairy heroes?  We decided to take a look at why and how dogs can sense these sensational events.

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Westminster Dog Show Winner Not Without Controversy

As you may have heard, the Best In Show winner of the 136th Westminster Dog Show is Malachy, a 4-year-old Pekingese. There was stiff competition with other regal, beautifully moving breeds including a Doberman, a Dalmatian, an Irish Setter, and three others. There were Internet rumblings of discontent with the selection due to concerns over the breed’s health and appearance.  Continue reading

Winter Pet Hazards You Didn’t Know Lurked Beneath The Snow


The term “a winter wonderland” doesn’t always exactly describe the winter months that consume four months out of the year. While the image of white flakes falling from the sky can be quite beautiful, there are several walking hazards that come with the beautiful white blankets of snow. Continue reading