Help! I’m Allergic to My Pet!

You are in love! A special someone has come into your life and it is bliss, but the moisture coming from your eyes and nose aren’t from tears of joy. In fact, you’re feeling a little itchy as well. Maybe you have a new pet from your own choosing or one chose you. Maybe this pet accompanies the girl or guy of your dreams. Is the budding relationship doomed to fail? What can be done to keep everyone healthy and happy? Continue reading

Dogs: They Get You Out and Moving!

Yipe! What happened to those New Year’s Resolutions? You wanted to get in shape and love your fellow man! Have no fear. Fido and Fifi are here to help! What better workout partner and ambassador is there than your dog? No matter what your exercise or social level, both you and your pup will enjoy an outing with fresh air, activity, and new friendships. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: National Walk In the Park Day – March 30th

Can You Really Take Your Cat on a Walk?

Today is National Walk in the Park Day. And Fridays are also all about felines here at BaxterBoo. (Hurrah for Boo!) You may be wondering how these two things can possibly work together. Well, feline friends, we’re here to expand your kitty’s horizons and say it is possible for you both to enjoy outings together. Continue reading

Spring Breezes Could Equal Disaster: Be Prepared with Pet Emergency Kits

We’ve waited all winter for this! The cold winter chill is withering away and you can take a fresh breath of air without feeling like your lungs are frostbitten. Finally, the birds are chirping, the daffodils are in bloom, and soft winds with warm temperatures are all telling a tale of a sweet spring. Continue reading

Counteracting the Tiny Terror

You may have noticed my profile photo with my cute little Shih-Tzu-Poodle mix dogs. They are about six pounds apiece. They are absolutely loving the fact that I work at Baxter Boo because they often get to come along.  Joey, the black one, thinks modeling dog clothing is his life calling. I stuck him in the photo booth and he sat there so proud, holding still and looking content as if to say, “I was born for this!”

It’s hard to imagine that these angels could ever cause me a lick of trouble, but Joey can be somewhat of a stinker. Apparently he has a little bit of what’s called “Small Dog Syndrome.” Being a small person myself, I thought this topic was worth investigating. Continue reading

Dogs That Are Built For the Great Outdoors!


Best of the Best:

Best Dogs for Outdoor Living

Okay, so Pom-poms, Chihuahuas, and Yorkies are all adorable dogs.  But let’s be honest, if you take your Yorkie camping, you may not come back with him.  In some cases, you can’t let your dog outside to do his duty without fear of losing him!  We live in Colorado, and there is over 2 feet of snow on the ground right now.  We would have to attach a 3-foot tall flag to a Chihuahua to let him go outside!  So that leads us to our next series of dogs.

Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Scratching – Must it be a CATastrophe?

Remember my lovely cat, Cali? The one who’s helped to heal some holes in our family? She’s still a wonderful addition to our home, but now we also have new holes in our drapes and furniture from scratching. What’s a responsible new cat lover to do? I had my daughter do some research on declawing, Continue reading