Baxter Boo Now Offers “Dog is Good®” Products

Baxter is excited to announce a new product line we are carrying from a company called Dog is Good®.  Knowing that we like to treat our customers like family, we thought we’d share a bit of the back story on this company so you can understand the spirit behind the products.

John and Gila Kurtz and pet photographer J. Nichole Smith decided to launch their own company that would celebrate the dog-human relationship with products filled with humor, whimsy, and slight irreverence.  To capture that essence, each product is infused with what they call “Dogvergnügen.” Finding the English language to be lacking when describing “that feeling… that crazy- love that overpowers us when we’re with our canine companions” they resorted to an English / German hybrid.

Dog is Good® products have enjoyed increased media attention and celebrity endorsements since the company was launched in 2005. The company also actively supports several charity organizations. We hope you will enjoy browsing our selection of the Dog is Good® bowls, treat canisters, toys, and dog apparel!

What do you think?

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