Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!


Best of the Best:

The Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!

Spring is on its way (or so we hope, because the weather seems so unpredictable this year).  What steps can you take to get your beloved pets ready for the spring season?

Of course, as the weather warms up, we start spending more time outdoors. So it is time to make sure you have the right outdoor products for you and your dog to make the most out of your time!


So let’s say you, the family, and some friends decide to go camping.  You get all the way up to the mountains with your best furry friend by your side.  You decide to pop open a beer and relax before you set up camp.  But wait?!?!  You left the beer bottle opener at home?  As your friends and family worry that you will all go the entire weekend parched, you call your dog over to save the day with his new Bark4Beer Bottle Opener Dog Collar!

What? That exists?

Bark4Beer Bottle Opener Dog Collar

The World’s First Dog Collar and Bottle Opener in One. It’s a simple black nylon dog collar with a retractable metal and plastic bottle opener attached…turning your pup into a four-legged bottle opener! Fetch me some beer takes on a whole new meaning with the Bark4Beer Dog Collar! Your pup will be the life of any party in no time.



Maybe you aren’t into the camping scene.  That’s okay, maybe you like going boating.  Well of course we want to make sure that even your pets can tag along on these adventures and be safe!  That is why we sell many flotation jackets at Baxter Boo!  These are even great for cats!  Make sure to pick one up before you head out to the lake, river, ocean or bathtub if you like to be extra safe!


Guardian Gear Aquatic Pet Life Vest

Guardian Gear® Aquatic Pet Preservers provide more safety than ever for water-loving dogs.

  • New and improved features include: more flotation material, strong, non-restrictive straps with quick-lock clips at belly, and sturdy, tear-resistant fabrics.
  • Extra high visibility materials, dual reflective strips, a leash attachment loop, and quick pickup handles to make easy work of dog-overboard rescues.
  • Three largest sizes feature an extra strap at belly for maximum safety.

Why We Love It:
Being safe in the water is not only important for humans, but for dogs as well. Keep your dog safe and happy in the water by wearing a Pet Life Preserver. The dog life vests are specially designed for your dog, with durable details that keep water play fun…and safe.


Flea/Tick Protection

With spring right around the corner we know that the insects will be out and about!  This means you need to get your pets ready with some protection!

Sentry Natural Defense 3-Month Flea/Tick Squeeze-On Treatment for Dogs 

FiproGuard Topical Flea/Tick 3-Month Cat Treatment

These are two great products, but we also offer other flea/tick/mosquito defense products on our site!  Make sure to check it out to find the right one for you and your pet!

Featured Photo Courtesy of: Snoboard1010

One thought on “Best Pet Products to Start Your Spring Season Off on the Right Paw!

  1. I love the newsletter. The beer opener is priceless. We are city dwellers (Brooklyn NY) so the beach and camping will probably not happen for Xena and I.
    We are now organizers of the Brooklyn Small Dog Meet-up(s) and hope to have some fun with that project this summer.
    Hello to Baxter and Boo
    Marilyn and Xena

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