Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo

Dear Gentle Readers,

Baxter, as wonderful as he is, is a bit of a narcissist and has made our website much too dog-centric. I’ve been patient, but seeing Baxter globetrotting and bringing back mere trinkets for me… well, let’s just say cats should never scrape for crumbs, especially when we have surpassed dogs in human ownership!  And, hello, cats rule the Internet! Don’t feel guilty about it… we know how many hours you’ve spent watching our hypnotizing antics on YouTube.

To counteract the blatant dog/cat discrepancy on the BaxterBoo.com site, I, Lady Boo am going to be taking the helm of buying and featuring new, magnificent products for discriminating cat enthusiasts.

First off, I am upping the glam factor in the collar CATegory. For myself, I have selected this Breakaway Crystal Cat Collar in gold. It perfectly accessorizes my exquisite coloring. In spite of the expensive look, you’ll be astonished at the reasonable price that goes with this high-quality product. I am a shrewd buyer, willing to pass on the savings to my discriminating customers!

Secondly, use your imagination! Many of our current products are perfectly suitable for cats, even if they say “pup!” Ugh. For instance, I just love this Madonna Pearl Pet Necklace Collar!  It’s called a “Pet necklace” but there is no mention of cats anywhere in the description! Sigh. Yet the magnetic clasp is a fabulous safety feature we cats appreciate even more than dogs! I am going to have to take this up with the HR department, right after I rename it… CR for Cat Resources. Oh, all right… I may try to be inclusive and call it the Pet Resources Department.

Yes, fellow cat lovers, I have heard you, my loyal fans. I am not so high and mighty as to be unaffected by your mewling cries. I will ascend that high calling and elevate the cat here at Baxter Boo. Or shall we call it “Boo Baxter?”

Yours when it suits me,

Ms. Bella Boo

3 thoughts on “Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo

  1. Maile barking here … have sat with my human on MANY pet sites barking at other pets and having to wear beautiful dog clothing when all I really wanted was a tennis ball (while wishing and hoping that some day that human might get it right!), entering contests, hosting my own contests, and meeting and barking at other pets. Can’t believe I even had to get married {sigh … but I love her}
    JJ meowing here … Now to think that Maile dog had the nerve to include me in her hosting endeavors … making me wear clothes {I think not!}
    Pepeiao barking here that they had the nerve to include me as a “Senior” dog behind that hidden computer {geez just because I am 16? what were they thinking?}
    Kiko meowing … then I came along and they thought I would love to model clothing on these sites {I mean I know I wear it well … but clothes – come on give me a break I am a cat} So as a kitten I complied … as a Bengal cat …I meow to them … Catch me if You Can!!
    Since joining BaxterBoo we have FINALLY gotten a break from these multiple pet sites and found that we are ALL able to enjoy and share one common site with BaxterBoo, No contests – Just goodies!! And whether it be for canine or feline clothing or supplies {after all we all sleep 2×2 in the human bed} there is always something for all of us!!

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