Baxter (Tries to) offer Boo a Bone

Being the gentledog that I am, I am not too proud to concede that Ms. Boo may have a point when she states that the website is rather dog-centric. True, we dogs do have the designation of being “man’s best friend.” May I remind you that this is a human accolade, not one I came up with. I am simply repeating the timeless observation.

Regardless, I am extending an olive branch to my critic and want to share with you some of our favored guests that have visited “Baxter’s Backyard” (a wonderland of pet fashion exhibition) to show that we are an inclusive and creative company, celebrating diversity no matter what species you happen to be.

Look at this darling dress on “Sweet Pea” from Chicago! Yes, I believe this is the stunning Gossip Pooch Sweater Dress from Dogo. Granted, the item description has “pooch” in the title, but perhaps it could refer to the high-cut belly that allows for a little extra pooch? Or was that paunch? Sigh. I don’t know. Drat. She has me cornered again. Can’t she just be pleased I’m featuring a lovely cat that could very well be her twin? Anyway…

Well, what about this? Doesn’t Sammy from Poughkeepsie, NY look dashing in this Hawaiian Print Dog Visor? “Dog Visor” could simply refer to the fact that it shields one from the dog days of summer?! All right, that’s a bit thin… Ms. Boo wins again.

I shall keep searching…

I believe I have found the species-neutral example! Look at Sherlock here from Woodland Hills, CA. This Cloak & Dawggie Cool Mesh Harness is perfect for his outings, being so light and airy. Any cat would be proud to wear such a fine piece of craftsmanship! I can’t help that the name brand includes “Dawggie” in it.

Darn that Boo… Well, this just goes to show the remarkable customers we have that are so clever to see unstated options that go beyond the obvious designations.

Allow me to show you more creativity from our customers to illustrate our celebration of diversity! Sometimes, in fact, it could go the other way! Apparently “Tiger” a Yorkie from Boston adopted this Meow Town Jungle Cat Cave as his own. Though perhaps he is slightly species-confused with a name like “Tiger?”

And last, but certainly not least, we must give tribute to the most creative customer of all: Meet “Rocce” of Mercersburg, PA! Her owner Sarah points out that Alpacas look great in the blue plaid Kodiak Dog Coat!

Thank you, BaxterBoo fans, for thinking outside the box and taking the time to submit your photos.

Yours truly,


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