Best Dogs for Senior Citizens!


Best of the Best: The Best Dogs for Senior Citizens!

Senior citizens benefit in so many ways from having a dog around the house: from the love and affection that they give, to the sense of responsibility a person can receive from tending to their own pet.  We decided to dive into this idea and give you a list of a few dogs that are great for senior citizens.

There are so many dogs out there that are looking for nothing more than a warm lap to lie on.  And if a warm lap is something you can offer, then we have some great suggestions on for the right dog for you or someone who could use some extra companionship.

The list below is compiled of a few dogs that have mild temperaments, need little maintenance, and are fairly quick learners.  Not only can dogs be very calming and bring happiness to any elderly person, studies suggest that they can provide health benefits too!

Bichon Frise 

Courtesy of: Jonathan Day

The Bischon is lively, kind natured, and extremely faithful.  These playful dogs are friends to all and eager to please his master with affection and love!  They are fast learners and do very well with most commands!  These dogs are perfect for someone that has a lot of love, affection, and attention to give!

Things to Be Aware Of:

Your Bichon Frise will need a short walk daily.  They can bark a-lot and are sometimes difficult to house train.  Other then these minor issues, this dog has a mild mannered temper and is an absolute delight!

Grooming & Health:

It is recommended to brush this dog every other day to prevent tangles and knots in his hair.  Trimming is only required every two months is recommended to maintain his vividly white coat.  If left unmaintained, his hair can become rough and tangled and the best way to solve this is to shave the hair off.  The main health concerns for this dog are allergies and cataracts!

For more information on this breed visit: Puppy Basics – Bichon Frise

Courtesy of: Kjunstorm

Italian Greyhound

These amazing dogs are playful & very smart!  A nice quite home is where these dogs will do best.  Italian Greyhounds are typically very easy to train, as long as their owners are consistent in the training process.  They can be very sensitive to the tone of voice that is used and have been known to rebel against their owners.  These dogs need a good walk every day and they love to have a nice open yard to play in.

Things to Be Aware Of:

This breed is fast, very active, and if there is something to climb on then this dog most likely will!  Be confident and firm as a leader of the house with this breed, otherwise he will end up with Small Dog Syndrome (where the dog believes he is the ruler of the home).  Do not overprotect or baby your Italian Greyhound or they can become snappy if frightened!  These dogs can be difficult to house break and can have a few behavioral issues.

Grooming & Health:

Because of its nice short hair and smooth coat, Italian Greyhounds are some of the easiest dogs to maintain.  Give your Greyhound a nice cleaning with a towel.  Only bathe when necessary and after bathing make sure that the dog is dry and warm.  Italian Greyhounds are prone to epilepsy & fractures.  After about 18 months these dogs will gain a little better bone structure and become less fragile.

For more information on this breed visit: Puppy Basics – Italian Greyhound

Courtesy Of: mrplough

Courtesy Of: Plinkk

Brussels Griffon

Often thought to look like an Ewok from Star Wars, this fun loving dog is perfect for a nice quite home.  An amazing personality combined with a desire to please his owners make this dog a great companion!  This dog is not intended for life in a kennel outdoors.  He would be happiest inside the home and close to the owner!  This dog is a friend to all!  He is great with friends, family, and children.  Not to mention they make great watchdogs and can be taught to perform many tricks!  These dogs are great for apartment life and will do fine without a yard!

Things to Be Aware Of:

The Brussels Griffon may be hard to house train.  It is highly recommended to not feed him scraps from the table as this will cause him to become a greedy and/or picky eater.  This dog can be prone to Small Dog Syndrome as well, due to over affectionate owners.  Although this dog is adorable, do your best to be firm, confident, and consistent when training and disciplining your Brussels Griffon!

Grooming & Health:

Make sure to walk your Brussels Griffon daily!  The rough coat requires regular attention.  Make sure to brush him two to three times a week.  The Brussels Griffon sheds little to no hair and for that reason is great around people with allergies!  These dogs are sensitive to heat and are prone to eye and respiratory problems!

For more information on this breed visit: Puppy Basics – Brussels Griffon

Of course there are plenty more dogs out there that are great with Senior Citizens, so do not limit your search to these few!  It takes time to find the right dog for you, and often there is one at your local shelter that needs a good, quiet home!

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Ed Yourdon

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