Spring Breezes Could Equal Disaster: Be Prepared with Pet Emergency Kits

We’ve waited all winter for this! The cold winter chill is withering away and you can take a fresh breath of air without feeling like your lungs are frostbitten. Finally, the birds are chirping, the daffodils are in bloom, and soft winds with warm temperatures are all telling a tale of a sweet spring.

We’re so excited; we couldn’t help but wet our plants! Spring marks a time for romps in the park and playtime in the great outdoors, but what many don’t realize about the glorified season, is that natural disaster can be a big downside to the chipper time of year. Not to put a damper on the mood, but tornadoes, forest fires, and floods are major players in the so-called Spring Weather Wonderland.

The changes in weather may be something to be celebrated as it marks the start of mating season (which we all know is a popular time among all species,) However, it can mean disaster for many. I’ve been a resident in two states now; Illinois and Colorado. Of course, Colorado is absolutely gorgeous and after being here, I would never consider moving back home to Illinois. But, then again, Illinois has something that Colorado will never have, and that it is home.

While both states are entirely different, both have something in common – disastrous weather conditions in the spring. Illinois recently made the news with its F4 tornado that wiped through a town only 30 minutes from where I was born and raised.

Sadly, Colorado is recently in the news for its ferocious wildfires. The devastation led to mass destruction and many families without homes and, sadly, without pets. My salty tears seemed like a trivial way to show emotion as I watched the families being interviewed from both states. I couldn’t begin to grasp the loss these families experienced.

As both states are attempting to sweep up the remains from these treacherous natural disasters, it urged me to spread the word on preparedness. Watching these heartbroken families talk about their loss put an thought in my head, are we ever really prepared? No matter how many blogs you read explaining how to be prepared, one important thing to remember is that materials are just materials, but the people and animals are irreplaceable.

Preparation doesn’t have to mean that you are sure to grab your wedding photo album from 1999, but rather that you are prepared with the supplies your family and animals need to survive. Having a bag packed with the essentials for survival will help keep you and your pets safe and out of danger. So, what key items do you need to include for a puppy emergency kit? Well, it’s a good thing you have such a knowledgeable, blogger at your fingertips!

Puppy Emergency Kit Supplies

  • Food
  • 1 gallon of water
  • Ziplock baggie of dog treats
  • Poop bags – (not entirely essential, but if you’re making your bag ahead of time – why not throw some in?)
  • 1 toy – yes, only 1! This will help keep Fido calm during high stress times
  • Blanket
  • Any medicines from the vet
  • Up – to –date vaccination record
  • Styptic Pen
  • Bandages

Procrastination can be your worst enemy when it comes to natural disasters. Put your family and pets’ safety as a priority. Making an emergency preparedness kit can really make all the difference with unexpected events. Pack the things that really matter: pack a kit to save a life.

Picture courtesy of: mikebaird

2 thoughts on “Spring Breezes Could Equal Disaster: Be Prepared with Pet Emergency Kits

  1. thank you for this list. i have a backpack tht i can put my meds in and go, i will add items on yourlist – would never have thought of poopy bags.

  2. Many great tips. I feel as you do, better safe than sorry. We never know when a desaster can happen. Loot at 911, that sure opened my eyes, all the pets that were stranded. We all need to prepare for our family and our pets. Thank you for this blog.

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