Feline Fridays: National Walk In the Park Day – March 30th

Can You Really Take Your Cat on a Walk?

Today is National Walk in the Park Day. And Fridays are also all about felines here at BaxterBoo. (Hurrah for Boo!) You may be wondering how these two things can possibly work together. Well, feline friends, we’re here to expand your kitty’s horizons and say it is possible for you both to enjoy outings together.

Cat Harnesses

The obvious first choice is to try a cat harness. Ms. Boo’s favorite is our Come With Me Kitty Harness with Bungee Leash. To introduce the harness to her, we used it as a dangling play toy for a few days before actually attempting to put it on her so she would have a positive association with it. Then when we did put it on her, there were lots of pats and treats given along with it. The bungee feature makes sure there is gentle give with no jerking motions to make the outdoor experience pleasant for both of you.

A Quiet Stroll at First

We suggest not going straight to your nearest park. Try a quiet yard first, and eventually you may be able to work up to areas with more social interaction. Of course you know your cat’s personality better than anyone, and different breeds have different temperaments. For instance, Savannah cats are particularly social, even being called “the dog cats” for being particularly prone to enjoying the harness experience and also for enjoying games of fetch.

Cat Strollers

For those of you who want to give your cat the benefit of enjoying the outdoors without a harness, we offer several pet strollers with screened-in compartments. These offer more timid cats more protection from admirers and other pets at the park. Plus you have the added benefit of choosing the walking route and pace, whereas with a harness, these are typically cat-led outings.

We hope to inspire more of our customers to consider outings with their cats for your cat’s benefit of mental and physical stimulation and to be a public cat ambassador to encourage the adoption of the thousands of cats who need homes.

Featured photo courtesy of Kristin Bradley. I encourage you to follow this link as she tells a great “tail” of her cat-walking experiences and great advice that we think you’ll enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Feline Fridays: National Walk In the Park Day – March 30th

    • If you click either on the picture of Ms. Boo on her harness or the blue “Come With Me Kitty Harness With Bungee Leash” words, you will be directed to the link where these and similar products may be purchased online from BaxterBoo.com. Good luck with your kitty endeavors!

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  2. I think the strollers are a great idea for walking your cats. The strollers keep them safe from other animals attacking them. Older cats can still get outdoors and get the fresh air and scenery.

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