Best Tick, Flea, and Preventative Products from BaxterBoo!

We all want to stop and sniff the flowers, but sometimes you can end up with more then a cute photo.  With all this talk about ticks, I decided to give our fellow furry friend lovers some insight into the products that we carry at BaxterBoo that can help protect your dog this season!

You want the absolute best for your pet and their health. Sentry Natural Defense is the perfect solution for your little friend’s flea and tick woes.

  • All natural.
  • EPA and FDA approved.
  • Eco-friendly.

Why We Love It:

All natural Sentry Natural Defense Flea and Tick Squeeze-On safely kills insects on dogs and puppies for up to four weeks. This synergistic blend of plant oils is safe to use around people, pets, and the environment! This product even works on mosquitoes to prevent heartworm infestation!

Treatment available for three different size ranges for your pup!c

Insect-Repelling Clothes

Protect your pup from the biting, gnawing annoyance of insects with this innovative bug-repelling t-shirt for dogs!

  • Insect Shield Technology!
  • Pull-over style
  • Cotton/poly blend

Why We Love It:

The Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt by Doggles is an innovative dog shirt using state-of-the-art insect repelling technology. This t-shirt for dogs uses permethrin, an insect repellent that is effective and odorless. The permethrin is long-lasting, even surviving up to 70 washes! This dog t-shirt repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. Or try our Insect Shield Dog Bandana by Doggles.

In the event that your pup does end up with an unfriendly insect that is looking for a ride along, just take the UGroom Flea Comb to your pet to remove those pesky pests!

U•Groom Flea Combs help to remove fleas, eggs and debris with tightly spaced stainless pins.

Featured Photo Courtesy of: Molajen

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