Feline Fridays: Biker Cats?!

It seems BaxterBoo has gotten a strange case of biker fever today. Something about the warmer weather, the wind blowing through one’s fur, the call of the open road… For instance, on our Facebook page, we have a contest with a doggie biker-inspired photo for you to come up with a caption to win your choice of Doggles! And today’s Doggone Deal features an adorable pink “Born to Ride” embroidered tank for only $7!

But Friday’s are all about the felines on our blog. So I wondered, is it possible that biker fever has also touched the world of Cats?

Strangely enough…

So apparently you’d better get one of our biker tanks for your cat! Hurry, because the Daily Doggone Deal price of $7 is only good through 04/13/12! If you haven’t subscribed to our Doggone Deal emails, you can do that by clicking here so you never miss a Deal again! And I have heard a rumor that we may be featuring the black “Born to Ride” tank as the Doggone Deal soon…

Featured photo: http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/catrider.htm

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