Best Dogs For Apartment Living!

What breeds are best suited for apartment living?  Well that may be the wrong question to ask.  When looking for a dog that would be happy living in an apartment, you need to look for energy levels.  Even within the same litter of pups, there are ones that are more energetic then the others.

Exercise is crucial for any dog.  You have to think of your home like a dog cage, just because you let your dog outside, doesn’t mean he has gotten the exercise he needs.  Of course when you only have an apartment, your dog has an even smaller cage to live in.

What is the point we are attempting to make?  Well, if you plan on having a dog, especially in an apartment, you should also schedule a routine exercise and play time session with your dog!

Of course there are breeds that are less energetic then others.  So let’s take a look at a few that would be better fit for apartment life!

Boston Terrier

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Boston Terriers are gentle, alert, and well-mannered dogs.  This easily trained breed needs dominant leaders in the home and without leadership they will become willful and ill-mannered which will result in behavioral issues.  Most sources say that Boston Terriers are not vocal dogs, which can be a great thing when it comes to apartment living.  You can rest assured knowing that your Terrier will rarely bark due to the noise from neighbors.  These dogs are extremely friendly to all, especially children and the elderly!  They love to be part of the family with their playful and affectionate attitudes.

Things to Be Aware of:

Of course with the pet fees associated with most apartment living, house breaking is key.  That is where this breed falls short.  The Boston Terrier can be very difficult to potty-train.  Without proper mental and physical exercise the Boston Terrier can become boisterous and a bit high strung. Generally, these dogs will not get along with other dogs, but are friendly toward other pets such as cats.  Without solid leadership in the home they can become dominant and will even fight with other dogs or humans.

Grooming & Health

The short coat of the Boston Terrier is easy to maintain.  Lightly comb on occasion and only bathe when necessary.  Make certain to carefully clean the face and eyes on a daily basis and check ears and eyes for dirt or other debris.  Prone to cataracts, dry eyes, and various other eye problems, these dogs would benefit greatly from a pair of Doggles from Baxterboo!


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Pugs are animated, energetic, fun-loving dogs!  This highly intelligent breed is extremely easy to train; however, be certain not to use strong tones or unforgiving punishments.  This type of treatment is not necessary and you will be left with a Pug that does not heed your commands.  Pugs are fantastic watch dogs that are devoted to their owners.  Be sure to be a strong, dominate owner with your pug and always be in control of the situation.  Failure to do this can lead to your pug being over protective and “guarding” his toys, food, furniture, or other areas in the home.

Things to Be Aware of:

Daily walks are a necessity for this breed; however, be sure not to over do it, especially if they begin to wheeze.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never overfeed your pug.  This breed has a tendency to eat more than what is healthy for them and will quickly become obese and live much shorter lives!

Grooming & Health

The smooth short hair on this breed is easy to groom.  Brush and comb on a weekly basis and only shampoo when necessary.  Clean the creases on the face regularly to prevent bacteria build up.  Be certain to completely dry your pug after bathing because they can easily catch colds.  This breed is also prone to allergies and the short muzzle contributes to chronic breathing problems.


Courtesy of: Toronja Azul

Chihuahua’s are known by many for their aggressive attitude.  This, however, is a common misconception.  This breed is not generally aggressive but many owners allow the dog to display dominance, which can lead to Small Dog Syndrome.  Be certain to treat your dog just as you would treat any other dog and you should have no trouble!  These are prefect apartment dogs, but they do need to be exercised and played with daily!   Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you have a large apartment that your dog gets enough exercise by running from room to room!  Overall these dogs are fairly easy to train but can be difficult to housebreak.

Things to Be Aware of:

Again, Small Dog Syndrome is a very common problem when it comes to dogs like the Chihuahua.  Don’t let your dog push the limits just because he is so small and cute!  Exercise and daily walks not only promote good physical health, but they also provide the dog with mental stimulation as well.  Without proper exercise and play time your dog can become protective, snappish, and untrustworthy with kids and humans they do not know!

Grooming & Health:

Again this is an easily-groomed breed with a nice short coat of hair.  Brush and comb weekly and only shampoo when necessary.  This breed is prone to gum problems as well as corneal dryness and glaucoma due to their distended eyes.   A pair of Doggles from BaxterBoo would do wonders for this dog’s visual health!

In the end, it’s all about the amount of exercise and playtime that you set aside for your dog!  This is true not only for apartment dwellers, but home owners as well.  Dogs need human interaction both in the form of a brisk jog and tug-o-war with their favorite toys.  Simply because your dog has a yard to roam and a bucket full of toys does not mean that he is a happy dog.

If you do not have an overwhelming amount of time to devote to a dog’s energetic needs, cats are great apartment pets as well!  Cat’s do not need a lot of space to roam and as long as you provide plenty of toys, scratching posts, and some healthy attention, you will have yourself one fantastic companion!

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4 thoughts on “Best Dogs For Apartment Living!

  1. Great tips especially since it provides apartment renters who want to be pet owners options for the kind of dogs they should be choosing. The choices aren’t that many though. Still, it’s quite helpful since every pet has a particular grooming and health advice.

  2. the best thing that you can do for your dog or dogs are walks, no matter what the breed or what the age! Pet nanny

  3. I like that you chose typical apartment dog breeds – none of the three are hunting or working dogs or some other inappropriate type that could cause problems. However, keeping a dog in a condo can pose a real threat for allergy sufferers. Since I’m one of them, I advise all the prospective dog owners, who sneeze everytime they are in contact with a pet, to purchase a lovely poodle or other non-shedding breed.

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