Baxter’s Tips for Traveling with Pets

Dear Readers,

I am pleased as a flea at a dog show to be heading out for a much-needed vacation! I am to accompany my family on an RV adventure. This is an unusual experience for me, as I tend to prefer more of the jet-setting scene to travel the world, procuring wondrous products for our discriminating customers. However, I am choosing to view this as an opportunity to research the needs of mobile pets, specifically with car and RV transportation.

Be Safe, Use Restraint!

Humans are required to be restrained in automobiles for safety reasons. While there are no pet restraint laws in vehicles that I am aware of, might I suggest you consider this for your favored companions as well? This is for our safety as well as yours as we may try to be backseat barkers. I have even been tempted to commandeer the driver’s seat, or at least try to get some attention from the driver. To help us to remember to be the gentledogs that we desire to be, I suggest one of our effective car harnesses. For smaller dogs, we also offer booster seats with harness clips that may also alleviate car sickness by allowing your pet to see out the window.

Shed Happens (and Other Messes Too)

I have an impeccable grooming routine and also been blessed with a non-shedding coat, but for dogs that shed, it may be beneficial to protect your vehicle’s interior with one of our seat covers. And, should your dog suffer from car sickness or were to sneak an unapproved treat, you will be doubly pleased with your foresight in getting one of these protective covers as they can easily be machine washed!

I encourage obtaining souvenirs, but we should take care to make sure that certain indicators of our presence should not be left behind. We want to be invited back, after all! Definitely invest in one of our handy pet waste bag dispensers and refills. We carry several models with different features, such as lights for nighttime use. Pack some carpet/upholstery cleaner and paper towels in case an accident should occur.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Walkieway collar/retractable leash in Regal Red.

One of my favorite products that make rest stops easy is the Walkieway All-in-One Dog Leash-Collar. This retractable leash is built into the collar which ensures your dog is safely constrained no matter what your travel adventures may bring. This product is designed by aerospace engineers to guarantee strength and reliability – up to 110 pounds of resistance!

Bring several chew toys and familiar play things to soothe any traveling anxieties. For your own peace of mind, pack a pet first aid kit, just in case.

Remember Treats and Temperature Issues!

No road trip would be complete without a supply of refreshments. We offer healthy treats, handy Pupperware storage containers, travel bowls, and water dispensers to keep your pup satisfied, cool, and hydrated. Should your pet be unable to accompany you to your own refreshment, consider one of our tie-outs or a folding crate to use in the shade to ensure Fluffy doesn’t overheat. Never leave your pet in a hot car!

Here is a link to find pet-friendly establishments to plan your trip with your pet in mind:

I hope to post photos of my adventures while I’m gone!

Missing you already,


11 thoughts on “Baxter’s Tips for Traveling with Pets

  1. Elijah My Pup Travel everywhere together I do know a few nice places we stay at that charge min to let elijah stay 5 bucks a night cheap compaired to 20 a night which then Elijah and I will sharpen our camping skill. LOL The big one not to forget is extras having what he needs in both Jeep and Motel is big time usefull habit ive started 2 of everything.

  2. Be sure to kennel your pet if your leaving him/her in a strange place. They maybe fine at home alone but can be unpredictable in a strange place. Just remeber the security deposit you don’t want to loose!

  3. Mystic (Shih Tzu) always loves the chance to go for rides. Last Christmas we decided to go to Pensacola 600 miles from our home. The first hour was difficult, she cried, whined and had no idea what was going on. After putting jazz on the radio and talking to her she realized its a cool ride. She settled right into her booster seat. Fought to stay awake, she didnt want to miss anything. The night traveling was amazing to her, so had such a look on her face like “WWOOWW MOMMY & DADDY THIS IS PRETTY.” She travels like a pro now. We pack toys, fresh food, water, her favorite leash & collar, her treats, her favorite bed and the most important thing to her, her blankie. She has her own first aide Kit & her beauty bag. When we got to our destination, we realized she had 3 small suitcases to our one. She was 7 months with that travel. Our next is to the mountains in NC…. She makes the trip a more enjoyable one. <3


  4. good quality ginger cookies can be a good way to help out dogs that get motion sick. after being adopted, the first time my parents’ dog rode in a car was in the back seat of my car. this is how / where we discovered that she has problems with motion sickness. -_-

  5. My newest dog is from Grenada, West Indies and has traveled in the cabin on planes as an emotional support dog and a few road trips. Going through airports isn’t always easy. You have to check bags at the counter, some people want to weigh my dog so she has to get on the luggage scale. At security i have to take off her vest and other gear and put them through the metal detector with my carry-on and shoes, pick her up, and walk through the metal detector. (this can be quite the work out if I forget to take off something metal or I walk through too fast or too slow!) On the other side I have to hold her, grab her gear and put that on her and then find my stuff while they keep clearing other passengers through after me. Some airlines will let her sit on the seat next to me if I cover the seat with a blanket and that’s what she prefers because take offs and landings can be scary. Elevators and escalators can also be scary but we’re working on those. For road trips she likes her bed draped over a seat, her giant pink bear rides next to her on the floor of the car and she sleeps most of the time unless she hears a noise or the car goes over a bump in the road. We make sure to stop at gas stations with good grass areas to avoid stopping at rest stops and gas stations.

  6. Another good tip is to bring your pet’s proof of vaccinations from your vet. If you need to unexpectedly board them or take them to a veterinarian, this proof helps things go smoothly.

  7. Lucky that you guys obviously have dogs that are small enough to “pick up”. Think about all you do for your dogs, and then think about having one that is 76 lbs! Not so easy, but won’t leave home without her (unless I absolutely can’t). I also keep “baby wipes” in the car, so you can take care of some of the smaller issues…they come in handy!

  8. We have a winner for our Guardian Gear Handi-Drink travel tip contest. Cheryl Fell is our randomly drawn winner! Congratulations!

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