The Best Tips for Photographing Your Pets!

You’ve seen how fans and friends send in photos of their pets and win fabulous prizes. You may wonder, “How can I take such great photos?” Because like all parents, your job is to think that your pet is the cutest! Well here are some tips to help you capture your pet’s best moments both to share and to keep your precious memories forever.

Digital is Delightful

One of the best things about digital cameras is there is no guilt for taking gazillions of shots! No expensive film, just pure fun snapping every moment. Try taking several shots while your pet plays. Don’t try to have perfect timing… just keep snapping! You never know what you’ll get, and that is half the fun!

Capture Your Creature’s Essence

Picture courtesy of Katri Niemi.

What makes your pet special? What makes you smile? Chances are, those are the things that other people will find endearing too, not to mention the fact that those are the things you’ll want to remember about your pet. Do you love your pet’s playful moments? Capture their antics with multiple shots. Line the best ones up like a story board and post it on your social sites for people to enjoy, or do a collection of framed prints on your wall. Do you find your relaxed pet soothing? Get the shots that capture your dog napping or your kitting grooming herself. The possibilities are endless.

Let Their Light Shine

Get photos of your pet with natural light whenever possible. Flash photography often reflects in their eyes, making them have an alien glow. Since eyes are the windows of the soul, capturing your pet’s eyes is imperative to showing their mood and expression. Focus on the eyes first. The rest will follow. Experiment with photographing your pet at different times of the day as different light will lend different moods to your photography. Evening light can provide magical effects for your pet photography!Simple Can Be Good

Do you feel intimidated because you don’t have fancy photography equipment? Many of my best shots are taken with my phone’s camera, believe it or not. The reason is that it’s always on me, so I can easily snap something when something great develops. The kids and pets are familiar with seeing my phone and, therefore, they just act naturally around it. Play around with your camera phone’s settings, such as image size, to get the best results. Not having flash can be a plus, for the reasons stated above. Just find some nice window light or even outdoors, and you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with!

Try a Different View

Sometimes it’s interesting to get your pet’s portrait looking up at you with those pleading eyes, but try getting images from their level to give a more intimate feel to your photos. Does your cat love peering at you from above? Some of my favorite shots are from when my cat is looking down at me from one of her perches, looking all smug. I’ve gotten great pictures of puppies in the grass while laying down at their level. Those are sweet moments to capture.

Grab Their Attention

Does your pet respond to their name? Try calling it and snapping the shot as you do. Or have someone behind you wave a toy or use a squeaker. As always, keep pressing the button!

Photo courtesy of exfordy.

Speaking of attention, think about the background that your pet is in. Is it messy and busy? Try having your pet play on a plain blanket so that the viewer’s eyes aren’t distracted by other items in the photo. If your pet is light colored, a dark background might really make your pet “pop” against it. Dark pets look stunning against lighter backgrounds.

I’m not exactly an expert, so I would love to hear suggestions from more experienced readers and photographers!

Featured white cat photo courtesy of Wagner Muchado Carlos Lemes.

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