Dog Dating Sites?

Perhaps you heard the story of a dog wedding this past month that became a fundraising event to help an animal shelter in California. What can we say? People do crazy things for their pets! And we have the doggie bridal merchandise that flies off the racks as proof. But now we’ve heard of Internet dog dating sites that are starting to pop up!

Apparently people have made Internet profiles for their pets, so it’s not much of a leap to imagine Internet pet dating sites. Places like and have made the idea reality. These sites are for social networking to make play dates, and even for finding mates.Other more established sites such as Dogster and the sister site Catster aren’t exactly dating sites, but they do offer networking opportunities for pets and their owners.

Some people have concerns about the offspring that could be the product of these internet dating sites, that would leave fewer opportunities for shelter pets to be adopted. Others find it a fun way to meet other dogs and new human friends with mutual interests.

Is this over the top? What are the potential risks associated with pet dating sites? Would you consider using one of these sites for your pooch?

Dog Wedding photo courtesy of Wade Byars/The Desert Sun.

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