National Pet Week: Celebrating the Human-Pet Bond

As promised, to celebrate National Pet Week, we are looking at ways to elevate the joy of the bond between pets and their people. Your pet makes your life so much richer by providing you with unconditional love, entertainment, and creates an instant ice breaker with strangers just with their mere presence. This is just scratching the surface for all they do for us, so we are hoping you’ll join the conversation for ways to bless our feathered and furry companions!

Photo by Amy Humphries.

Pet Your Pet!

This might seem like a “duh” thing to say, but nothing says “thank you” to a pet like physical touch and attention. Don’t get so busy that you let this simple communication go by the wayside. If you are so stressed and busy that you’ve let this slip out of your routine, you probably need the petting as much as your pet does. Studies show that the act of stroking a beloved pet lowers blood pressure, so it is therapeutic for both of you.

“Pick a card… any card” by Peter Bekesi.

Playtime is Precious!

Nothing injects joy into life like playtime. Toss a ball for your dog or cat. Let your bird hide in your hair and give you a grooming session. Tug-of-war is a delightful game that you both win at. The best things and life are free, and playing is time worth investing into your pet’s life. It provides mental stimulation and leads to less stressed, better behavior long after the play session has ended. Provide your pet with plenty of diversions even while you’re gone and rotate them to prevent boredom. Ultimately, play is a fun way for you both to exercise, which will lead to a healthier, happier life.

Photo courtesy of Army Medicine.


Don’t forget checkups with your vet to get a jump on potential health risks that could be managed relatively easily. A lot can happen in a year of a pet’s life since their life spans are compact. Vigilance can save heartaches and your finances. Your veterinarian will help keep your pet’s weight in check, which can lengthen your pet’s life considerably. The extra weight may have crept up slowly so that you didn’t notice. Also, consider pet insurance to prepare for unexpected health occurrences.

Puppy portrait by Stefano Mortellaro.


Time with our pets is precious but often we forget to record these memories. Snap your own photos or consider hiring a professional with experience with pets. But often the best shots are unstaged and in your pet’s natural environment. This is especially true for cats. Take your camera with you to the dog park and record events there with friends and family. Traveling with pets are also moments to capture!

Pets have a remarkable way of making us slow down and savor the beautiful things in life. I hope these tips will be a reminder to do just that.

What are some of the ways you are going to celebrate with your pet this week?

Featured photo courtesy of PhyreWorX.

One thought on “National Pet Week: Celebrating the Human-Pet Bond

  1. Almost everyday is pet day in my house. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day to my Jackshaund who is always elated to see me! It always puts a smile on our faces so everyday I take a moment when I come home to just sit down and give my little guy some love and let him know how much I missed him too! It makes all the bad events of the day melt away and shows my little man just how much I appreciate his unconditional love!

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