Best of the Best: Best Pet Names

When you name your child, it is a process.  You wake up in the middle of the night with a great name idea.  You ask friends, family, and even the neighbor about their thoughts on your names.  Every pet owner can tell you it is almost the same process for naming pets.  Sure maybe it’s not as involved, but a pet’s name speaks to his attitude and that name will forever stick with you for the rest of your life.

The amazing thing about a pet’s name is what it means to the owner.  Naming your pet encompasses a little part of his or her personality, and it creates a connection that bonds owner and pet in a way that only pet owners can understand.

Of course there are many more pets out there, but at BaxterBoo, we are all about the Cats & Dogs!

We have assembled a short list of some of our favorite names for our furry friends that are out there.  To continue our list, we would love to hear from our readers!  Add a comment with your pet’s name & let us know your meaning behind your pet’s name.  Of course it does not have to be a direct meaning, more of what it means to you!








As we said, we know this is a simple short list and that there are plenty of names out there that are awesome as well!  Please comment on this post and let us know your thoughts and stories that helped you choose your pet’s name!

30 thoughts on “Best of the Best: Best Pet Names

  1. i have 2 dogs ! one is my BUTCH! he was named after his tough exterrior and his need to pertect me (he thinks) from everyone lol, but he acts tough for show only ! he barks and growls while he is wagging his tail and licking your hand he is a real toughy lol. especially when he rides on my lap and likes to show he is king :) while he is giveing me the sweetest kisses
    then there is my working dog HOLLY holly was giveing to the service dogs of america when she was 6 weeks old for training and she played under the christmass tree and was wrapped in holly so she was named holly, she is my gift from heaven and what better way to say it but through her name :)

  2. My dog Max and cat Daisy May came with the names from the shelter and knowing that they had those names for a while, I just couldn’t change them, it would be like changing the name I was born with.

  3. Thanks for the short list of names. Gosh neither one of my baby’s name is on the list.

    I have a 5 yr old white poodle named LILY. She is a sweet girly girl.

    My baby is almost 3 yrs old. She is a pure bred, hyperacitve Yorkie. Her name is SOPHIE!

    They are such sweet, good dogs, I can’t imagine my life without either.

  4. My baby’s name is CHOCOLATE. We call him CHOCO for short………..of course his chosen name is obvious since he has a lovely chocolate brown mane. I picked him out of a litter and I could not have chosen best! The bond that he and I have is indescribable, I hold pride to think that I chose him and that he is my best friend.

  5. L-O-V is a white shorthaired chiahuahua. She was named Ella when she was born, but we named her L-O-V. The name fits !! L-O-V is 3 years old and now she has a little sister. Cha Cha is a tri-color long haired teacup chihuahua, Cha Cha just dances around all the time!! L-O-V & Cha Cha are becoming good friends…L-O-V didn’t like her at first, of course. They have different looks for being the same breed!! Both are very spoiled and loved alot!! Dogs love unconditonal as we all know and the “girls” are no exception!!! L-O-V will sit on the husband’s chest and put her arms around his neck and look away, but she’s watching him out of the corner of her eye and then she attacks him with kisses and a little nibble!! Its great!! Cha Cha is only 4 months so she still teething!! She walks around like she’s dancing, with a feminine flair!! She looks innocent, but the little devil in her comes out sometimes.. God Blessed us with these special creatures, and we have alot of fun and laughs with them!! L-O-V likes her clothes, but Cha Cha does not fancy them to well!! Maybe in time she will!!

  6. I have a five pound Chihuahua whom I named Mija which means daughter in spanish. I don’t have two legged kids. She is my four legged daughter. :o)

  7. Our baby’s name is SOUTHPAW. Growig’ up in Chicago – sports has always been a big deal. Baseball is one of those big deals – The Chicago White Sox have a big green dog as their mascot – SOUTHPAW is his name. When we were thinking of getting a puppy we knew that was the perfect name for him. Our baby has been to 2 Sox games and has met THE Southpaw on both occasions. We are excited for his third visit coming up where he will be green himself! (Yes – that was his other mom’s idea)….. And yes, our baby is also lefty!! ……….. Check him out wearing his Halloween costume

  8. It’s 1977, in PA, and I was checking the paper to see what band was playing at a local club. During Happy Hour that club, LOL, had Go Go dancers! The paper read: “Featured Dancer Tonite: ‘Spunky’.” I had been planning to get a dog & thought that would be a cute name. The 4 wk old cockapoo I later adopted WAS full of spunk & the name fit him perfectly. One of his nicknames was Boo Boo Bear. My next dog, a terripoo, responded to “Boo” so that became his name. Boo passed away in Dec. Am wanting to name my next dog “Teddy”,,, perhaps it will fit the dog I connect with.

  9. I have 5 dogs, Cassie (from a book my daughter read), Louie (after my father-in-law), Gibbs, Zeva & Abby (from NCIS). They all seem to be a lot like who they were named after especially Gibbs, Zeva & Abby. Gibbs and Zeva are Bichon’s. Gibbs is 15lbs and is in total control, Zeva is 7lbs of mighty. I say she is pretty but deadly. Abby is a Goldendoodle and they call her color Phantom and she is smart and goofy like Abby on NCIS.

  10. Our beloved Golden Retriever Girl age five is appropriately named “Beauty” and our beloved Golden Retriever boy, who went to heaven at 13 years old due to Lyme Disease is named “Sunny.” Our Pit Bull niece is a sweetie pie, calm and eager to please is named “Tiny.” A beautiful and polite Golden girl in our neighborhood is approriately named “Ocean.”

  11. Right now I have a black & tan mini dachshund & a red dachshund. I named the red one Penny, for obvious reasons. But now she is my tiny shiny Penny.
    I named the black & tan girl Sammie. Actually, I say she named herself. I originally picked out her sister to bring home & had a name chosen already. But Sammie chose me. She stayed on my lap my whole first visit to see her & her sisters. My friend’s cousin (he owned the parents) sold the puppy I chose during the week I was waiting for the money to pay for her. But he thought I wanted Sammie because of how she was on my lap the whole visit. After I brought Samm home, I tried using the name I had for her sister but it didn’t fit her at all. She went without a name for a week. Finally one night I held her up & asked what she wanted her name to be. We went to sleep & when I woke up the next morning, “Sammie” was on my mind. She answered to it the first time I used it for her.
    So now I have my Penny Rain & my Sammie Moon.

  12. My grand puppy is a white boxer named Wrigley. You guessed it my son is a big Cubs fan. I took care of Wrigley during the day when my son worked, he would drop him off on his way to work and then pick him up on his way home. My son called it gramma’s puppy daycare.We did this for the first 1 !/2 years, i couldn’t let Wrigley be at home alone.Wrigley is alittle over two and a big boy so now he just comes over for visits and sleep overs.

  13. I have a poodle that already had the name Jack when I took him in, but I call him jackie, or jackson. i have a shih tzu named Lily grace since I already knew a dog named gracie! Sometimes I call Jack Cooper Jackson as I would have named him cooper or tucker! My mom has 4 cats and their names are Misty, Missy, Mimi, and Mitzi!

  14. My precious one is named “Sasha “B” (Bijou). Her name means ” Prima Donna-Precious Jewel”. My Mom bought her for me, she is the last thing she bought before she passed away. She knew I wanted a puppy….. Needless to say Sasha is very dear to my heart. Prima Donna…(for my Mom)
    Precious Jewel…because she is the most precious love bug ever!

  15. Commander Yoder…he was the rUnT of his litter and had to continually fight for his position against his siblings in the world of nursing ….eventually at six weeks I brought him home, I bottle fed him until he could manage on his own…he was nameless for quite sometime…over a month…and then I realized as I watching the fifth element how mander oddly resembles the assassins who attempt at every cost to obtain the fifth element and their leaders name was commander so hence the first part of his name. He is a strong determined little pug when it comes to survival…as for yoder well when he sleeps upside down I swear he still resembles yoda…lol…and then of course the pug breed for anyone who doesn’t know snort somewhat like swine…I kept thinking of urkel from family matters so hence yoder… A combo of yoda and urkel. Honestly I don’t know what I would do without my little mander….he rocks….and well that’s how he obtained his full name of commander yoder… Have a great day everyone and thanks for allowing me to share.

  16. My current little doggie is named Kalo and his middle name is 7 sounds strange I know. Kalo was named after the great MLB star Kenny Lofton who was always refered to as KLo by players and fans I just added the “a” and the 7 for the middle name is because it was Kenny’s number! I love having a unique name for my pet that you dont hear another dog have and its a great tribute to my hero!

  17. I have three babies…Jaxson who is a 2 year old yorkie rescue. He was named a more outgoing name due to his personality. Jaxson is a typical terrier….and I’m not kidding!!! I also have another yorkie, Jodi, who is 5 years old and also a rescue. She is only 4 lbs and is sooo very lady like (unlike Jaxson). And then….I have Jenny, a beautiful long haired maltese who just knows how to get eveyones attention. Jaxson was my first rescue, then Jenny my second rescue. When I rescued Jodi….I wanted to stick with the “J”‘s…so that’s how Jodi got her name. They each have such different personalities and all fit their names to a “T”!! Or a “J”….LOL!

  18. I had a dog named tucker honey bear 4 14 years. She got honey bear because she was my cousins dog shastas puppy, one of them anyway. One of the kids thought she should b named honey, the other kid thought she should b bear. I used 2 run her around the yard several times until she was plum tuckered out, so tucker honey bear was her name o.
    I have 3 other dogs at the present time. One is captain jumpin jimmy jack billy bob sue sparrow. Usually he is called jack or jumpin jack or sometimes jack bob. He had capt. Jack when I got him from animal control the rest he earned all by himself the jumpin part was obvious.

  19. My cat is Ozzy, because when I got him at 4 weeks (his cat mommy died) he was a little fuzzball. I thought he looked like a little wild man so I named him Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourne. he is the best cat EVER…!!!

  20. Another dog I have now is juniper berry because she had a few black hairs over the top of the blond and 2 me it sort of looked jike she had two colors in 1. Kind of like the powder cover over a juniper berry.
    The other dog is twinkle littlstar because she looks like she is wearing some of those big sun glasses that movie stars used to wear. Usually she is just called twinkle. Juniper is usually just called berry or juni. There are a cat filbert two candy corn snakes called pez and staburst and a bird named little pickle. That just about completes the managerie…

  21. I have a 7 year old female, tri-color, long hair chihuahua named Tallulah Raquel. I have 3 two-legged (adult) children and had always hoped to have another girl and would have named her Tallulah so I gave the name to my adopted fur baby instead.

  22. All of our fur kids were named after the Green Bay Packers because I was/am a huge Brett Favre fan. We have our long-haired grey shelter cat named Lambeau (after the Field-and the player, Curly; and he actually is, especially when it’s humid) now almost 9; his adopted brother, an orange/white shelter rescue, Vinnie (after Vince Lombardi) that we lost at the age of 6 1/2 from congenital heart disease, then we got another shelter-a calico short-haired girl named Hattie (Brett Favre’s hometown of Hattiesburg, MS), 3 years old. By the time a giveaway/rescue dog came our way, a little Teddy Bear/terrier, Brett had been traded from the Packers and my loyalty was stronger to him than the team and we named him Parker, after Brett’s grandson. I always wanted to name one “Four” after Brett’s number, but my husband would never go for it. I’m envious of Denise who got to honor her favorite player’s number! Parker’s middle name is Lorenzo, same as Brett’s. That’s the best I could do.

  23. I have 5 dogs. My 2 Pomeranians are Lacy and Emma, My German shepherd is Dacotah. my border collie is Jack and my golden retriever is Sage. I just like older type names. It took me weeks to think of Sage, who will be my service dog.

  24. Well we had Annie *Scotty* for 16 years and on Christmas Eve she left us; So we have a Mom in Wisconsin who has our new fellow Andy-Norwich Terrier but he is not here yet being born on May 1st ! Baxter Boo does not know this * * it seems that he has gotten many things to wear when he comes home to live with us!!

  25. We have two dogs. Kobe is an 11y.o. Shiba Inu/German Shepard mix. When we rescued him, his name wax Rudolph but he just didn’t look like a Rudolph to us. We gave him his name after the city in Japan. He’s our senior dig but he still acts like a puppy every now and then. He is very protective and orderly. We were puppy sitting, Ralph, for my niece and Kobe tried to keep the peace inside the house when he felt like Ralph was getting to excited and wouldn’t stop running around. Kobe would just bark to scold Ralph and Ralph would stop and behave.
    We just rescued Kona in March at 7mos. Her original name was Debbie but again, she didn’t look like a Debbie to us. Kona is a MinPin/Chi mix and is completely black like Kona coffee except her feet which is brown. She’s a bundle of energy like the flavour of Kona coffee. She has a heart of gold and is just so sweet!! She’ll follow me through the house and just stay with me regardless of what I’m doing i.e. laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. We are thinking of training her to be a therapy dog because of her personality.

  26. I have two Jack Russell Terriers, My tri colored smooth coat male is named Rowdy Cowboyl And boy is he ever! My little girl, a rescue is named Justa Diva, she is a rough coat with a beautiful little face. She is a real Girly girl and loves to dress up in her Baxter Boo outfits. When I get the packages from Baxter she must sniff each one and then when I try them all on she just ppppppppprances around as if to say, Look at Meee!! Don’t be fooled by her girlishness as she is all Jack Russell. Both dogs keep my Barn free of critters.They do Terrier Trails, and place very well, winning more Blue Ribbons then not! I am a true Jack Russell Mom!!

  27. You know I really don’t know why we name our cats and dogs over the years the names we did. I know it took us a while and would think of all kinds of names. The kids and us would laugh over some we would come up with. We would take a vote for the name that I guess best fit the dog or cat we had at that time. We have had Mia, Brandy, Rosco, Darla and Yogi.

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