Staff Reviews: Retractable Leash Collars

With folks traveling and enjoying summer activities with their dogs, we wanted to make you aware of some of our products that will ensure you have a convenient way to keep your pup safe. We’re reviewing two retractable leash collar products so you can make an informed decision: The Supercollar Dog Collar and the WalkieWay All in One Dog-Leash Collar. Plus, we have a bonus retractable collar tool you won’t want to be without this summer!

Supercollar Dog Collar with Built-In Leash

Daniel’s favorite product is the Supercollar with built-in leash. Some refer to the Supercollar as the “sport utility” collar that allows you to eliminate the use of the traditional leash. When you need to control your dog, simply release a tab on the collar and pull out the retractable 36-inch leash. If you like using a long, hand-held retractable leash at times, you can still do so as the Supercollar includes a “D” ring for alternative leash attachment.

The only drawback to the Supercollar is the fact that it is not suitable for children to operate as there is a risk (as with any retractable leash) of friction burns. With the double wires, there is even a risk for digit amputation. But overall, we like the look and sturdy feel of this product. It is rated to pull over 100 pounds for each cord! Watch the Supercollar in action:

WalkieWay All in One Dog Leash-Collar

Since I have kids, I feel more comfortable with the WalkieWay All in One Leash-Collar. It was designed by aerospace engineers and is strength tested up to 110 pounds. There still is a risk for friction burns, but fingers aren’t likely to get caught in its single cord. The cord storage unit isn’t as sleek looking as the Supercollar, but it still is an awesome product. Daniel is modeling the WalkieWay leash-collar in the first photo.It’s available in a variety of sizes to suit your dog’s needs.

Bark4Beer Bottle Opener Dog Collar

This is Deanna’s favorite BaxterBoo product!

And finally, the bonus collar you’ve been anticipating… it’s the world’s first dog collar and bottle opener in one! It’s a simple black nylon dog collar with a retractable metal and plastic bottle opener attached…turning your pup into a four-legged bottle opener! Fetch me some beer takes on a whole new meaning with the Bark4Beer Dog Collar! Suitable for sodas, and root beer too!This little puppy will be the life of any party in no time.

We hope these reviews will help you have a safe and fun summer with your pet!

2 thoughts on “Staff Reviews: Retractable Leash Collars

  1. Any retractable collar is a hazard — to both pets and people. I once had a retractable leash cord wrap around my legs by a running dog and nearly had the skin break. A retractable cord also wrapped around my dog’s legs by another dog…my dog has a metal pin in her left hind leg. And, a friend sitting on the grass once had a cord quickly wrap around her neck by a running large-breed dog allowed too much freedom on his retractable. Cords/retractable leashes, especially when unlocked and allowed to span full length, are simply not a good idea at all…there must be a better solution.

  2. I agree with D. Berger, retractables are a hazard all the way around. If it breaks, there goes your pet…out in traffic or whatever

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