Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo – Dating Disaster Averted!

Dear Gentle Readers,

As you know, we cats are masters of observation. My mistress, Mary, has been acting a bit peculiar. Yesterday she was seen grooming herself excessively, and we cats interpret that as a ploy of self assurance and is even a self-soothing behavior. This was confirmed when I brought her her favorite toy (the Kong Swizzle Teaser) and she didn’t even notice! She was definitely nervous. Perhaps I am guilty of being cathropomorphic, attributing feline emotions to my human, but one of the reasons I think we get along so well is that we have similar personalities. We just click!

See, Ms. Mary and I have both been through some tough times. I have the shame of being through shelter life twice. Ms. Mary’s feels shame about the demise of her marriage and being rejected by many of those closest to her. We’re both pretty shy. So we pretty much just enjoy each others’ company and look after the children together. We go to work, come home, eat, do household duties, and work some more. When she finally sleeps, I take over the laptop!

Anyway, I just say all of that to assure you that I know Ms. Mary was way off kilter. I began to suspect she might be heading off to one of those peculiar human dating rituals.  I rather hoped not; I much prefer to keep her to myself! And when she was gone without me for several hours, I was nearly beside myself. She really should consult me on these matters!

Finally, she sauntered back into the house, tired but happy. I looked in her shopping bag and it was that same book she’d already read: “Cat Daddy…” by Jackson Galaxy. But this one smelled different, and sure enough, apparently that Mr. Galaxy person scribbled in it. I heard her on the phone talking about it, gushing about a photo, or some such nonsense. (I prefer to be the one in front of the lens.)  One of her brothers was praising her for actually going out in spite of the rainy weather and long commute.

But here’s the crazy part… she was actually gushing… glowing even. Going on and on saying how this so called “Cat Daddy” told her it was okay for everyone to get in touch with their inner crazy cat lady, and let that nurturing love expand to include all beings (even dogs!) I’m not so sure about all that. I think the dogs around here are tolerable…

Regardless, she’s feeling empowered to elevate the cat at BaxterBoo, as I’ve been trying to do… HELLO, half the company name is about ME, after all! So more power to her. I’ll try to keep the wind in her sails. She’s such a poor sensitive thing… tisk, tisk. All the more reason for me to stay her favored companion.

Relieved beyond words,

Ms. Bella Boo

P.S. I tried not to let the curiosity kill the cat, but I couldn’t help but hack into her phone. I leave you with the picture in question. I guess he looks alright, for a human… he does have a certain charm about him…

Ms. Mary with Jackson Galaxy from the TV show “My Cat from Hell”… Really, people?

4 thoughts on “Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo – Dating Disaster Averted!

  1. You go girl, I would love to be in your place……..I have seen ” Cats from hell ” on Jackson’s TV show, I’am so happy for you, and Bella Boo….. Sincerely, Cheryl Ann…………

    • I hope you’re just congratulating the fact that there was an adventure out of the ordinary. No actual “date” was implied. ;) Super nice guy, though!

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