June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

This is me with my other adopted sister Cali.

How perfect is it that the first day in June would fall on a Feline Friday?! It’s destiny, I tell you! And it gives me the chance to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart: Adoption. Specifically, the adoption of shelter cats. See, folks, I myself have been adopted from from a shelter… twice. I consider myself very lucky… blessed even! Because I know that thousands of cats are euthanized every year because there just simply aren’t enough homes for all of us.

So in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I’ve compiled some lists to show that cats are suitable for all kinds of situations!

Cats are Great for Singles!

Adopt me! Rocky Racoon, young male. Heart of the Catskills Humane Society, Delhi, NYCats are Great for Singles!

  • Adopting a cat could provide you with the longest, most steady relationship you’ve ever had.
  • We will find you attractive no matter what you’re wearing.
  • You don’t have to rush home to take care of us after work, and can leave us for a few days at a while on vacation.
  • It’s always a great day to add unconditional love to your life!
  • We understand and respect your independence.

Cats are Great for Families with Children!

  • All children should be “stalked” occasionally. It helps increase awareness of their surroundings.
  • Cats will never reveal family secrets to a therapist.
  • According to recent studies, children living in a home with cats (and/or dogs) during their first year of life have less of a chance of developing allergies to them later in life. (ScienceDaily, July 2011)
  • Adopting from a shelter gives families a chance to select from several cat personalities to find an outgoing friendly one that enjoys kids and dogs.

The top reasons you should visit your local shelter and bring home a cat if you have a teenager:

Adopt me! I’m Oscar from Texas. Click here to learn about me!

  • Cleaning a cat box is an awesome method of punishing a bratty teen!
  • We can spend as much time grooming as a teenager without locking your out of your bathroom.
  • We will hear your teenager sneaking in or out of the house long before you do.
  • A cat will provide much more entertainment than any vampire drama, or “reality” show.
  • We monitor Facebook usage by laying across the keyboard after a certain amount of time being ignored.

Cats are Great for Senior Citizens!

  • We don’t have to be taken on a walk when your rheumatism acts up.
  • We can always help you find the can opener.
  • We make excellent lap warmers.
  • We keep ourselves clean and don’t ask for much.
  • Senior cats make mellow companions for senior citizens (and are often free to adopt).
  • Petting a cat lowers your blood pressure.
  • Allowing cats in senior/assisted living communities is becoming widespread because of the associated health benefits.

Cats are Ideal for Apartment Dwellers!

  • Adopt me! There are SO many babies at Kings County Animal Services in Hanford, CA, that many of us don’t even have names!

    Your neighbors will never complain about us barking.

  • We don’t have to be taken on walks to do our business.
  • We don’t take much space.
  • You’ll have more apartments to choose from since many don’t allow dogs.
  • We don’t care if your abode is small if you provide us with vertical space (like a tall bookshelf or a cat tree.)
  • If we were good enough for the pyramids, we are good enough for your apartment.

As you can see, cats are Purrfect for just about anyone! Check out your local shelter or try Petfinder.com to expand your search to several shelters in your area.


Ms. Bella Boo

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