Why Cats are Better than People, by Ms. Bella Boo

Mistress Mary has come home a bit dejected again. I have no idea where she goes sometimes. She is somewhat mysterious and cat like, never sharing her adventures. I surmise that her interactions with more of her kind are a mixed bag, so I would like to make it clear, humans, that cats are generally superior company.

Let me lay it out for you in plain terms so there can be no doubt…


  1. We are pretty good judges of character and will let you know if we don’t approve of someone.
  2. At the same time, once you’ve won us over, we don’t judge you!
  3. We won’t talk about you behind your back.
  4. We don’t cry over spilled milk. We celebrate spills!
  5. We don’t care what you wear as long as it’s accessorized with cat hair.
  6. We will let you know when we need something. No mind games!
  7. We are fine eating the same thing daily.
  8. We have better hygiene than people.
  9. We never quibble over who has to kill the spider.
  10. We remind you every breath is precious even when you’re hurt by sitting on your chest.
  11. If we want to do something, we do it, regardless of how ridiculous it makes us look. Then we will walk it off like, “I meant to do that.”
  12. We will love you even when you don’t love yourself.
  13. We know how to comfort¬† you when you’re sick.
  14. To buy us a fancy feast, it only costs 62 cents.
  15. We listen to you without interrupting.
  16. We are good at making you laugh.
  17. We are always cute (at least I am.)
  18. We won’t make you guess if we’re pleased. People just don’t purr well.
  19. We won’t get mad if you don’t call or text for a few days.
  20. We won’t give you platitudes when nothing will fix what’s broken.
  21. We never break anything with malice.
  22. We are easily entertained.
  23. We remind you that grace should be effortless and it’s funny when it’s not.
  24. We lavish you with gifts. Who wouldn’t want fresh rodent delivery?
  25. We won’t steal anything from you… but your heart!

Any questions? I only have one for you: Why is YOUR cat the best?


Ms. Bella Boo =^..^=

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