Animal Advocates, Part 1: The Dog Files

I just got back from the BlogPaws convention in Salt Lake City and was gratified to meet many amazing animal advocates. These are just regular people who have found themselves on the front lines of being the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The first class I took was about capturing your cause on video, which was taught by Kenn Bell of the Dog Files. Although it contained practical film-making tips, there was no hiding his passion for helping dogs and how Kenn and his team transmit that love through their work.This clip about adopting from a boxer rescue is just one of several phenomenal episodes:

I encourage you to visit the Dog Files website to view a wide variety of inspirational videos including ones on pit bulls, wolves, and the hero dogs from 9/11. But please, don’t just be inspired… act! Let these ideas kick your conscience and get those creative juices flowing for what you might do with your own favorite causes. Many of these animal advocates have minimal funding, so if you like what they do, consider donating or use your connections to find them sponsors. Anything helps!

Who or what organization inspires you the most? Share your favorite cause that’s making a pawsitive difference!

Featured photo by John McStravick.

2 thoughts on “Animal Advocates, Part 1: The Dog Files

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