Animal Advocates, Part 2: Hope for Paws

I’m really excited to introduce you to this next person I met at BlogPaws 2012! Eldad Hagar was a fellow student in that video class I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that was hosted by Kenn Bell from The Dog Files. Apparently, even without all the great tips we learned from Mr. Bell, Mr. Hagar has managed to shoot some amazing videos that have become YouTube sensations. This dog pictured here is the famous Fiona who has garnered millions of views. It’s hard to believe this is the same dog!

When I introduced myself to Eldad, I confessed that I’d never seen his videos before, but he graciously gave me a beautiful book called, Our Lives Have Gone to the Dogs that he and his wife Audrey wrote. It features several stories of some of the thousands of dogs and cats they have rescued. I could go on and on about this small but mighty organization, but this video is worth a thousand words:

Eldad told me my homework was to go to my room and watch their videos at, which I did. And another one. And another one. And another! I don’t even know how many I watched that night. Actually, when I saw Eldad the next morning, I chewed him out for my puffy eyes and making me stay up too late crying and watching! But I knew a friendship had been born, and I am honored to support this worthy cause.

Hope for Paws has been particularly effective at hand rescuing animals, usually in the Los Angeles, CA area, but occasionally have been flown in to rescue animals in acute situations in other areas as well. They clean and care for these helpless creatures so they know how to receive love and are ready to be adopted by a family.

For those of you kind enough to read about Hope for Paws, we want to offer you a special discount today at for an Extra 20% off of existing discounts. Enter code “HopeForPaws” when viewing your cart. Consider taking your savings and donate at their Hope for Paws donation center. This is not a big corporation, so anything is helpful to get more animals rescued and adopted just like Fiona, who is pictured here with her new mom Michele Gentry. Thanks, Eldad, for sending us this exclusive photo!

Photo courtesy of Liz Stavrinides and used with permission from Eldad Hagar.

12 thoughts on “Animal Advocates, Part 2: Hope for Paws

  1. I had the same experience after stumbling onto Fiona’s rescue video – stayed up for hours, watching videos and crying. Part of Eldad’s genius is his use of music in his videos – just the right tone for each one.

  2. SO GREAT to see her happy and doing so well! What a transformation from the video to the picture above. God watches over our animals and bless them and the people that go out of their way to better the animal’s life.

  3. I have been following Eldad’s rescues for a couple years now, and it makes me so happy to finally see Hope for Paws getting the exposure they need and deserve! Thank you for recognizing such an awesome organization!

  4. Eldad is a hero and I trust him implicitly. He has shown his character. He needs to have his own tv show, this would actually make me watch television. But he must retain creative control because he knows how to do it right. He just needs fancier equipment and staff.

  5. What a great picture! The video of Fiona was heart breaking…so nice to see that she has a warm home now! Keep up the good work!!! Loves from the Netherlands

  6. precious Fiona, u’ve come a long way, baby…..i just love this pic, i remember u’r rescue video….nearly broke my heart. now look at u……..n the tears i cry now r very happy tears. bless u n u’r family

  7. awesome picture. Fiona, u have come so far, precious 1….i remember u’r rescue pic. just about broke my heart….now u have a new family. bless u all…………

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