Iowa Congressman in the Doghouse for Comments about Dog Fighting

It’s all over the news that Steve King, a congressman from Iowa, has stepped in some serious doo-doo, and can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. In his efforts to communicate that animals should not be rated higher than human beings, he responded to a questioner at a televised town hall style meeting:

“When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.”

King made this statement in reference to an amendment to the farm bill that prohibits attendance at organized animal fights and imposes additional penalties for bringing a child to these barbaric events. This amendment was proposed in response to studies that suggest these types of experiences play a major role in desensitizing youth against the horror of violence and potentially may become perpetrators of crime.

It is currently a federal crime to hold animal fights, to possess and or train animals for fighting purposes. Under the proposed amendment, anyone wagering or attending an animal fight could also be charged.

Many responders echoed the thoughts of this commenter:

The main difference is people choose to fight and often sign lengthy contracts with stringent rules in place and get paid well for it, even if they lose. Animals are usually forced to fight “no-holds-barred” and often the loser is severely maimed then executed. It’s simply needless suffering and killing. Like Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” If you can’t care about the smallest creature, how can you care about your fellow man? Mandy Gillis

At BaxterBoo, we are your best friend’s other best friend. We believe in the intrinsic value of pets and their people. Maybe it’s cliche, but we need to step across party lines and wag more and bark less!  Humane is a language we can all appreciate.

For more information and excellent commentaries by my cohorts Kenn Bell and Lauren McGregor Downs, please visit The Dog Files.

Photo courtesy of Opposing Views.

4 thoughts on “Iowa Congressman in the Doghouse for Comments about Dog Fighting

  1. From the sound of his irrational reasoning and lack of understanding of right from wrong, I think Congressman King shouldn’t have been allowed past the second grade.

  2. This man is clearly a moron and I am a little afraid for the state of Iowa. The dogs are MADE to fight, people fight because THEY want to fight! And a person is not Forced to fight to the death !! Maybe he should bush up on what dog fighting is and THEN make a comment!!

      • This is why people will continue to get away with dog fighting this man and his tunnel vision on the topic. We as a species have domesticated dogs and they depend on us for all of the needs they require and trust us to meet them, responsible dog owners do that and more. I could not imagine putting an animal that has undying trust in me in that situation and no sane person could. The Humane society should take him to a rehab center for dogs that have been fought or have been used as bait dogs and let him see the after math of this disgusting event people call a sport that is really a cover up for drug deals. If it was ok they would not hold them in secret locations and have armed guards. We are all born with compassion some of us loose this as we get older some do not those of us that do not will keep fighting for the rights of the ones who have no voice even if we run up against stupid people, the best advice my father ever gave me you can’t fix stupid just walk around them eventually they will screw themselves stand up for what you believe in especially if someone is depending on you even if you are all alone.

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