Meet the Breed: The Beagle

I have particular fondness for the Beagle as our family raised them, and I learned a lot about these amazing dogs as we grew up together. We had a non-show-quality female who was extremely headstrong. She was also extremely bright, knowing how to get what she wanted, be it food or attention.She could definitely have auditioned for the part of Snoopy!

We also had the privilege of sharing our lives with a very dignified National Bench Champion with impeccable manners. It was fun to witness the broad spectrum of the beagle personality. If your life has been touched by a beagle, it is likely that they imbedded themselves into your memories!

Beagle puppy photo courtesy of Andy Karmy.


  • Height: 14”-16” (Male), 13”-15” (Female)
  • Weight: 22-25 pounds (Male), 20-23 pounds (Female)
  • Historical function: Hunting
  • Modern function: Narcotics detection, family companions
  • AKC classification: Hound

Physical Characteristics: Short, fine hair often comprised of black, brown, and white. Usually has a white “flag” on the tail. Other colors are possible though and include red and white, lemon and white, lemon, blue tick and red tick. The eyes are typically brown or hazel.

History of Breed:
Beagles date back to the 1500s when English Hunters would take packs of these dogs out to hunt rabbits and other small animals.  Although this breed was originally intended for hunting, their friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude is hard to resist. In fact, this forgiving attitude has made this breed a regular choice for animal experimentation.

Beagles love to play as well as work and are happiest when with their humans.  With a life expectancy of 10-14 years, you and your children will have a family member for years to come with this dog. Beagles work well with pet owners that are new to the training game, or with ones that are experienced veterans.

Beagles have amazing noses (hence why they were used as hunting dogs) so this means keep them on a short leash.  Training this dog to walk properly at an early age will help prevent you from having a pulling problem as the dog becomes older and more powerful.  Regular activities and consistent walking will also keep these dogs from having behavior problems.


  •      Best suited for: Families with or without other pets.
  •      Preferred living conditions: Indoors, near the family.

Care and Health:

  • Grooming requirements:Beagles have short hair that should be brushed a least once a week.
  • Exercise needs: This breed needs regular exercise, walking, light jogging, and plenty of play time.  Puzzle toys are also a great idea to help strengthen your Beagle’s mind!
  • Life expectancy: 10-15 Years
  • Health concerns:Some lines can be prone to epilepsy, heart disease, eye and back problems.

Breed Club Links:
American Kennel Club – Beagle

Perfect Pairings:
Zanies Treat Hunter Interactive Dog Puzzle, Busy Buddy – Rip n’ Tug Ball, Grriggles Rubber Stick Dog Toys

Featured Beagle photo by Don Burkett. Information compiled by Daniel Edwards.

Have any stories to share about a beagle?

4 thoughts on “Meet the Breed: The Beagle

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  2. You are right your beagle will leave a imprint in our heart I will never have any other breed my dog Harley is smart he knows to drop the puzzle toy down the steps and the treats will fall out lol

  3. Nice article ~ I had a Beagle as a child growing up ~ She was a great companion ~ my true side kick ~ followed me everywhere ~ good little farm dog too. “Lady” was everything a kid could want in a faithful friend!
    Sue ~ Cozy Pet

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