BaxterBoo Experiences “Dogtoberfest” with Dachshund Style

What could be better than beer, brats, and Dachshunds? Oktoberfest in Colorado is a beautiful thing. BaxterBoo had the privilege of being apart of the Highlands Ranch, CO,  event as a sponsor of a traditional Dachshund race.

Apparently, the Dachshund racing tradition began in Australia in the 1970s. Typically Dachshunds don’t run very far, 25 or 50 yards in length. In our particular race, the track was partitioned with fabric dividers so the dogs would be less distracted. In spite of that precaution, the little wieners still managed to leap over to play with the competition. Fun Conquers Fears

It was therapeutic for me to see so many happy, well-behaved little Dachshunds in one place as I was chased by a rather aggressive one when I was a diminutive 5-year old, and have always been a bit suspicious of the breed ever since. It was clear that these were fun dogs, and many were dressed in costumes to add to the festive mood. Many of the dogs looked like they were participating in a joyful family reunion of sorts.

It was also enjoyable seeing all the varieties of Dachshunds there are: short hair, long hair, and even a wired version. They come in many more colors than I was previously aware of. The Dachshunds seemed to think the festivities were all about them, and in a lot of ways, they were! They sure could rock a doggie costume!

Ready, Set, Go!

When the races began, it was just as fun watching the owners try to coax their pups through the course as it was to see the dogs actually race. The commenter was great at keeping the mood festive with quips about the athleticism of the dogs, particularly the “cross-training athletes” when a dog would hurdle out of the course.

Winning Wieners

We were pleased to offer our first place winner a gift basket and a gift certificate to for $100. Second received a $75, and third, a $50 gift certificate to our store.

We also sponsored the dog costume contest, which was open to all breeds. In fact, the winner was a French bulldog who’s mom made him his own Lederhosen costume. Although he didn’t look terribly thrilled about his look, he did capture the fun associated with Oktoberfest, though we promise he hadn’t ingested any beer whatsoever.

Other honorable mentions:

3 thoughts on “BaxterBoo Experiences “Dogtoberfest” with Dachshund Style

  1. We have a mutt strut in Everett Washington in August and have Doxie races along with the pug chug it’s a lot of fun. My doxie had leg surgery and was sporting a cast this year so she was a pirate in the costume contest with a costume we purchased from Baxter Boo she won 1st place with her peg leg. We also have the more formal doxie races at the fairgrounds in July. It would be nice if something was done in Sept. or Oct. though as this is the season for Germany and what is more German than a doxie????

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