BaxterBoo Loves Fall to Bring the New to You!

Don’t you just love the cool, crisp air and the gilded leaves this time of year? It’s fun to pull out the boots, scarves, and sweaters. I even start getting a little more domestic and start using my crock pot, lighting candles, and baking more.

Here at, we also enjoy the change in the season. Of course the pet costumes are always a treat, but we also love an excuse to send our buyers out to find the latest and greatest products for our wonderful customers! Cozy beds, sweaters, and coats will make your pet’s transition into the cooler months more comfortable.

Now Featuring Human Attire!

Love your dog? Let the world know that you’re a fan of your favorite breed by wearing these novelty human tees. We’ve selected several styles so far, and if these heavyweight, high-quality Tees sell well, we may feature more breed choices in the future.

Fall is Full of Fabulous Fabrics!

I love plaids in the fall and winter months. This new collection of Park Avenue plaid is simultaneously classy and sassy!

New Shades of Sherpa!

Outdoor dogs have always loved the comfort of our Sherpa-style products. Our earth-tone colors are soothing and natural. But now we have an alternative for those who prefer more vivid colors to go with their dog’s spunky personality! Introducing the Sherpa collection in Raspberry and Ultraviolet! We now carry Sherpa beds, carriers, harnesses, leashes, collars, boots, and coats in these two great colors:

Make Quick Collar Changes!

Our buyers just recently discovered this novel product, and it solves the issue of changing I.D. tags with new collars. Our customers like to change collars to match various outfits and seasons, but those annoying little I.D. tag rings are difficult, if not impossible, to deal with! This new product by Rubit (pronounced Roo-bit) is a sturdy, yet quick clip designed to attach your pet’s I.D. tags. Thus, your pet’s safety¬† and identification is ensured, even with collar changes, without having to buy multiple tags. Rubit clips are available in a variety of colors.

Don’t Forget Your Cat!

Ms. Bella Boo makes sure we are offering fun, fabulous products for felines too! Check out these new toys and collars! She wants to remind you to think outside the dog box and try our fashions out on your kitties!

Featured photo of Ruffle Dog Parka in Deep Raspberry is also available in Ultra violet.

This is only a small sampling of hundreds of new products! Check out all our New Arrivals!

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