Fox and Feline are Best Friends?

cat fox 1Some fishermen spotted these two unlikely companions in Lake Van, Turkey. Believe it or not, this cat and fox appear to be best friends… mostly! See the pictures and decide for yourself!

cat fox 2The local fishermen say these two have been hanging out for over a year. They feed both the cat and the fox as a tribute to their unlikely friendship.

cat fox 3cat fox 4cat fox 5cat fox 6cat fox 7cat fox 8cat fox 9Still not sure? Watch this video to see the cat and fox together!

Images from the Chive and Buzzfeed.

8 thoughts on “Fox and Feline are Best Friends?

  1. A great message can be taken away from viewing these pic’s and video….why can’t we all live together in peace and harmony? We may have our differences but we all need to be loved and valued. Pease and good will to all.

  2. These two characters genuinely seem to enjoy each others company, the fox likes to “mouth ” the cat when they play…….. and the cat seems to trust him, so cool. The cat seems well fed, as well as the fox, may they have a lasting friendship and good health ……………. Thank you for sharing these pictures, more please. ………………..

  3. Often when the cats are called in for the night at our house, they are accompanied to the top of the drive by our resident fox who continues on up the canyon. They seem very comfortable with each other. Unfortunately, the skunks also feel quite content to hang with the cats…on the front porch..LOL (and no, we do not ever feed the cats outside).

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