A Christmas Miracle for Biggie, an Abandoned German Shepherd

BiggieAs you may recall, my friend Eldad Hagar with Hope for Paws, is one of my favorite animal advocates. He gets calls about abandoned animals and somehow gains the trust of these poor, sweet creatures so they can be gently apprehended. He records these rescues on film with simple, low-tech videography. The rescues show us the power of love and patience, and that hope isn’t just an empty promise.

This video is especially touching to watch with a community pitching in together to save an abandoned German Shepherd. The dog is a big, sweet, but nervous boy who is very brave to submit to the rescue efforts out of a dangerous situation. This clip also features rare footage of Eldad, who is normally hidden behind the camera, so this is a treat!

Biggie’s Christmas Rescue

For more information for how to help Hope for Paws rescue more animals visit their website: Hope for Paws Animal Rescue Organization

I personally support Hope for Paws a small amount monthly because everything helps with this small-yet-mighty rescue. I hope you will consider this non-profit organization as well as they are trustworthy and making a huge difference!

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle for Biggie, an Abandoned German Shepherd

  1. Eldad is my hero too. It is just amazing how he can calm and reassure even the most feral and frightened animals. It’s not just the food he tosses them, nor his patience, it’s something about the man himself that gives these animals hope. I’ve seen from his Facebook posts that he will travel many miles, performing one rescue after another, often without rest inbetween, to save yet another precious life. He is a present day St Francis of Assis.

  2. I’ve been wondering if you have chosen which rescue organization Baxter Boo is going to give a donation to. I know there were many worthwhile organizations mentioned. It must be a very difficult choice to make.

  3. I shouldn’t have watched… animals and children make me cry. Thank Goodness for the Happy Ending. I am my Puppy’s Mommy and this breaks my heart. Eldad you are a Saint. God Bless you for all you do and for loving these poor babies that no one else can reach.

  4. Such a refreshing video. So nice to see someone who uses calm energy, food, and reassurance instead of a pole and a noose. I know the pole is sometimes necessary, but it is never my first (or second, or third) choice.

  5. The two rescue videos of Biggie & Ralph touched my heart and spirit! Sparky, our forever home dog, was found by a rescue organization called “Pets In Need” in Redwood City, CA. We are so blessed to have such caring people who rescue abused, neglected, and abandoned animals like you all! It breaks our hearts to know that there are cruel people who mistreat defenseless dogs and cats. Thank you for sharing your videos! I want to subscribe to your newsletter, and learn more about Hope For Paws. We also support The Animal Rescue site by clicking on their “Like” spot and also purchasing items for our own use as well as for gifts. Sparky wishes he could have a brother or sister to play with and also keep him company when we have to go out to a place that is not “dog friendly.”
    May you be blessed this new year as you continue your great work in L. A. CA.

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