Thanksgiving Fun and Safety With Our Furry Friends

The holidays can be wonderful but also can be potentially stressful. Sometimes dealing with family drama makes you especially grateful for those less-complicated furry friends who nose you under the table. At least with them, you know a belly rub and a treat will be all it takes to make them happy! Their mere presence can help lower blood pressure levels and give you a graceful option for directing your undivided attention during awkward moments with probing questions from family members!

While pets add fun and a built-in reprieve to the mix of family gatherings, there are things to keep in mind for the holidays. Continue reading

Is There a Link Between Human and Pet Obesity?

It seems that human obesity is on the forefront of our minds with media exposure and even political platforms. It seems we are not the only ones affected by an increase in an obesity epidemic. Apparently we are also killing our pets with kindness, giving them too many treats and sharing sedentary lifestyles with them. Continue reading

Going Grain Free: Fad or the Future of Health?

So I’m not too happy about Ms. Boo’s post that featured a picture of me with Jackson Galaxy. She could have at least had my back(side) and maybe photoshopped me a little skinnier? Alas, it may have been just the kick in the pants to get me motivated to try my mother’s latest eating adventure: Paleolithic. This is basically an eating plan (note my deliberate non-use of the four-letter dreaded D word) that is modeled after what our pre-agricultural ancestors ate. So no grains. Sorry, new Panera Bread that just came to town… Our love affair is over…

I’ve also noticed this trend among dog and cat foods. “Grain Free” is the new buzz phrase I’m seeing splashed across ads and labels. In theory, this is a good thing because better dog and cat food recipes should contain more meat protein sources and easy-to-digest animal fats as this would also mimic their ancestral diet. And grains can produce allergic reactions in pets as they do not have as many digestive enzymes to break down starchy carbohydrates as their human herbivore guardians have. And I’m seeing discussions online about people claiming their dogs are slimming down on these types of diets. Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: Is Your Pet Food Safe?

There have been extensive pet food recalls in the last month for salmonella contamination. As of late, 16 people have also gotten sick from handling tainted pet food, infected pets, and/or coming into contact with contaminated pet feces. Diamond Pet Foods has expanded their recall list 8 times to include 39 states, and now their website has a vague reference to cat food being affected as well. In fact, two cats have died and another is ill at a shelter in Montreal, Canada after ingesting Diamond-brand cat food. Continue reading