How Childhood Pets Influence Us

The Yoder kids, 1984. Ben, Drew, Jeremy (cofounder of BaxterBoo), and Me

Remember your pets growing up? I certainly do. We were a family with lots of kids, critters, and chaos, but we had a lot of fun! I’m sure people must have though my mother had the patience of Job, and she must have, because we all survived and are fairly well adjusted as adults.

One thing is for sure, allowing us the chance to care for precious creatures gave us a healthy respect for animals and for our fellow human beings. It wasn’t always easy, and there was and is still sometimes heartache, but having each other and our furry friends made the journey much better, with great stories to tell! Continue reading

Coping With the Loss of a Pet Companion

It’s not something I want to think about just yet, butĀ our beloved dogs are getting older, and I know that we are going to have to face the loss of a pet sooner or later. And I’m going to have to navigate this emotional event not only for myself, but also with my children who’ve had our dogs as companions since they were very young.

It is not uncommon forĀ people to bond deeply with their pets as they are often considered to be full members of the family these days. If the pet has been a comfort through a difficult life experience, that bond can be significant, which can make a loss of that animal very tough. Continue reading