Honoring Lennox: Killed Despite International Campaign to Spare Pit Bull Look-Alike

Lennox, an American bulldog-Labrador mix was killed July 11, 2012 in Belfast, Northern Ireland by city officials after a two-year incarceration in deplorable conditions. Lennox’s owners had done everything required by law to keep him as a companion to their disabled daughter. As a puppy, the Barnes family had him licensed, insured, microchipped, DNA registered, neutered, and Pet Safe registered. In spite of this, the dog was seized by the Belfast City Dog Wardens after partaking in tea with the family, chatting, and playing with their other dogs. A dressmaker’s tape was used to measure Lennox’s muzzle and rear legs and, based on that, they determined he may be of a pit bull type, which are illegal in the UK. They then seized Lennox, giving the Barnes nothing but a scribbled phone number and a first name for a reference. Continue reading

Breed Specific Legislation: Could Your Dog Be Targeted?

Does this face look aggressive to you?

Do you remember those days in grade school when you were allowed to have a snack in the classroom?  Then one day Billy threw his pudding across the room and ruined snack break for everyone.

That is similar to what is going on now and why we have to deal with Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Continue reading