Feline Fridays: From the Desk of Ms. Boo – Dating Disaster Averted!

Dear Gentle Readers,

As you know, we cats are masters of observation. My mistress, Mary, has been acting a bit peculiar. Yesterday she was seen grooming herself excessively, and we cats interpret that as a ploy of self assurance and is even a self-soothing behavior. This was confirmed when I brought her her favorite toy (the Kong Swizzle Teaser) and she didn’t even notice! She was definitely nervous. Perhaps I am guilty of being cathropomorphic, attributing feline emotions to my human, but one of the reasons I think we get along so well is that we have similar personalities. We just click! Continue reading

Could Animals Have a Negative Effect on Your Dating Life?


Everyone seems to know someone whom they refer to as “the crazy cat lady.” Growing up, I lived right next to a widowed woman with 36 cats. Sweet as can be, she cared deeply for each of her furry companions. It was no secret that they were her comfort after her husband passed away.

While I congratulated her for fostering and taking excellent care of that many animals, not everyone sees an animal obsession as a great thing, especially if you’re single. According to a recent survey from YouGov, owning pets can be dangerous to your dating life.

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