Tips for Making “Take Your Dog to Work Day” Smooth

Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday, June 22. Hopefully you’ve already discussed the possibility of bringing your pooch to work with your boss. After all, one wouldn’t want to miss out on a national holiday! I mean, this is up there with National Waffle Iron Day on June 29! Okay, not really. After all, are there health benefits to celebrating the Waffle Iron? Probably not. But there are benefits associated with taking your pets to work!

For instance, one can use a pet potty break to be unavailable for that overly chatty coworker who comes to call. But when you do want to socialize with that cute guy (or gal) from the cubicle down yonder, there’s nothing like a dog to break the ice! Continue reading

Counteracting the Tiny Terror

You may have noticed my profile photo with my cute little Shih-Tzu-Poodle mix dogs. They are about six pounds apiece. They are absolutely loving the fact that I work at Baxter Boo because they often get to come along.  Joey, the black one, thinks modeling dog clothing is his life calling. I stuck him in the photo booth and he sat there so proud, holding still and looking content as if to say, “I was born for this!”

It’s hard to imagine that these angels could ever cause me a lick of trouble, but Joey can be somewhat of a stinker. Apparently he has a little bit of what’s called “Small Dog Syndrome.” Being a small person myself, I thought this topic was worth investigating. Continue reading