Baxter (Tries to) offer Boo a Bone

Being the gentledog that I am, I am not too proud to concede that Ms. Boo may have a point when she states that the website is rather dog-centric. True, we dogs do have the designation of being “man’s best friend.” May I remind you that this is a human accolade, not one I came up with. I am simply repeating the timeless observation. Continue reading

Love Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but this Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit difficult as I’ve recently been through a bad breakup… sigh. But to keep things positive, I know that the holiday of affection is not just for romantic love. Love can be expressed to friends, family, and especially our pets! After all, why wouldn’t we want to show appreciation for our furry friends who love us unconditionally, sometimes more faithfully than people? (Not that I’m bitter or anything.)

Disclaimer: This blog will be a shameless plug for our products here at But where else could you find so many cute, romantic gifts for your pets? We were inspired by these vintage Valentines to showcase some of our favorite pet outfits. Continue reading