Meet the Breed: The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a popular breed for people who like a small, yet sturdy dog. When kept in a puppy cut, these dogs are easy to maintain. When kept in a show cut, they are simply stunning with their curtain of long hair. Of course, I’m a bit partial to the breed as they make up half of my own shih-poo pups. But let’s see what the essence of a true Shih Tzu is to find out if this is the right breed for you. Continue reading

Best Grooming Products!

Spring is upon us and we all know that along with it comes the always anticipated act of Spring Cleaning!  From a personal standpoint, I know that when my dog sheds his winter coat, I am in need of a good set of tools that can help groom my dog from all that pesky hair and get your pet ready for a day at the dog park!  Check out these awesome products from that will do wonders for you and your pet! Continue reading