Best of the Best: Best Tips for Getting a Shelter Dog!

You will never believe what you will find!

Recently I took a trip down to the local shelter.  I highly recommend you take a trip there yourself to get an idea of the reality of the pet situation in your neighborhood.  Rows upon rows of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens all looking for a warm home and loving owners.  I had no intention of getting another pet while I was there; I simply wanted to have a look for myself.  The last time I went to the shelter, I was too young to remember it, and I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my memory.

I spent a few hours taking some of the dogs out of their kennels and simply playing fetch with them, just to give them a chance to get out for a while.  Some people may call it teasing, but I think it is better to give them a little break then no break at all. Continue reading

Feline Fridays: Cat Saves Owner on His Adoption Day

We’ve recently mentioned how animals seem to have supernatural abilities to sense danger, and this amazing story confirms it. Amy Jung of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and her son Ethan spontaneously adopted a couple of cats from their local shelter on February 8. Pudding, a large 21-pound orange and white tabby made himself at home quickly, acting as if he’d always lived there.

That night, Jung went to bed and apparently started having a diabetic seizure. Pudding jumped on her chest and began batting her face and biting her nose in an effort to wake her up. He was able to bring her to consciousness long enough for her to be able to call out to her son, though it wasn’t enough to wake Ethan. So the giant cat went into his bedroom to wake him as well by jumping on his bed, which enabled him to hear that something was wrong with his mother. Continue reading