National Pet Week: Celebrating the Human-Pet Bond

As promised, to celebrate National Pet Week, we are looking at ways to elevate the joy of the bond between pets and their people. Your pet makes your life so much richer by providing you with unconditional love, entertainment, and creates an instant ice breaker with strangers just with their mere presence. This is just scratching the surface for all they do for us, so we are hoping you’ll join the conversation for ways to bless our feathered and furry companions! Continue reading

The Best Tips for Photographing Your Pets!

You’ve seen how fans and friends send in photos of their pets and win fabulous prizes. You may wonder, “How can I take such great photos?” Because like all parents, your job is to think that your pet is the cutest! Well here are some tips to help you capture your pet’s best moments both to share and to keep your precious memories forever. Continue reading