Best of the Best: Best Tips for Getting a Shelter Dog!

You will never believe what you will find!

Recently I took a trip down to the local shelter.  I highly recommend you take a trip there yourself to get an idea of the reality of the pet situation in your neighborhood.  Rows upon rows of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens all looking for a warm home and loving owners.  I had no intention of getting another pet while I was there; I simply wanted to have a look for myself.  The last time I went to the shelter, I was too young to remember it, and I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my memory.

I spent a few hours taking some of the dogs out of their kennels and simply playing fetch with them, just to give them a chance to get out for a while.  Some people may call it teasing, but I think it is better to give them a little break then no break at all. Continue reading

National Pet Week: Celebrating the Human-Pet Bond

As promised, to celebrate National Pet Week, we are looking at ways to elevate the joy of the bond between pets and their people. Your pet makes your life so much richer by providing you with unconditional love, entertainment, and creates an instant ice breaker with strangers just with their mere presence. This is just scratching the surface for all they do for us, so we are hoping you’ll join the conversation for ways to bless our feathered and furry companions! Continue reading

Could Animals Have a Negative Effect on Your Dating Life?

Everyone seems to know someone whom they refer to as “the crazy cat lady.” Growing up, I lived right next to a widowed woman with 36 cats. Sweet as can be, she cared deeply for each of her furry companions. It was no secret that they were her comfort after her husband passed away.

While I congratulated her for fostering and taking excellent care of that many animals, not everyone sees an animal obsession as a great thing, especially if you’re single. According to a recent survey from YouGov, owning pets can be dangerous to your dating life.

Continue reading