Best of the Best: Best Tricks for Teaching Your Dog to Play Frisbee!

Photo Courtesy of MelvinSchlubmanBest ways to train your dog to play Frisbee!

Since I was a little kid, I have always wanted a dog that would play Frisbee.  Of course all of my dogs growing up would play fetch with a tennis ball; yet, when it came to a Frisbee, it was a different story.  More often than not, they would run after it and then once it hit the ground, they’d run back to you, leaving the Frisbee behind.   Now, with a pet of my own, I am on a mission to teach my dog how to play Frisbee like the pros! Continue reading

Best of the Best: Easy Trainers


Best of the Best:

The Best Dogs for Quick Training!

Dogs that can be trained easily are seen working throughout the world, from the Army, to the local police forces, from farms, to working with the physically handicapped.  Easily trained dogs are great for families that are new to dogs.  Not only will you be able to teach these dogs almost anything, when you get a new puppy, the older dog that is already trained will help to train the new puppy.

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Counteracting the Tiny Terror

You may have noticed my profile photo with my cute little Shih-Tzu-Poodle mix dogs. They are about six pounds apiece. They are absolutely loving the fact that I work at Baxter Boo because they often get to come along.  Joey, the black one, thinks modeling dog clothing is his life calling. I stuck him in the photo booth and he sat there so proud, holding still and looking content as if to say, “I was born for this!”

It’s hard to imagine that these angels could ever cause me a lick of trouble, but Joey can be somewhat of a stinker. Apparently he has a little bit of what’s called “Small Dog Syndrome.” Being a small person myself, I thought this topic was worth investigating. Continue reading

Sit Baxter, Sit! Good Dog! Top Ten Training Tricks to Turn Your Lil’ Devil into an Angel

Obedient dogs are the best kind, so we have taken the time to pull together the Top Ten Training Tricks!  Say that ten times fast!

Training a dog can be extremely easy or extremely hard.  All breeds are different and of course every dog has his own personality.  But, all of us want a dog that sits when we say “Sit”.  So how do you accomplish this:

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