Meet the Breed: Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

We try to be impartial here at, but one would think that we are rather smitten with the Yorkshire Terrier, perhaps more than most, since many of our products are photographed with this adorable breed modeling them. The truth is that none of our employees has a Yorkie! Gasp! We’re not even sure if we’re qualified to be pet gear aficionados anymore, now that we’ve let that cat out of the bag!

We obviously need to rectify the situation. Until then, we definitely appreciate all the darling photos our customers have sent in, and the fact that many of our manufacturers have provided us with their products so artfully modeled by this distinguished breed! Let’s discover together if the Yorkshire Terrier might be for you (and me too!)

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You Won’t Believe What This Sweet Yorkie Mamma Is Doing!

Bridget, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier delivered two puppies by C-section at the Humane Society in Utah that, unfortunately, did not survive. On a whim, an employee decided to introduce her to a litter of kittens with a missing mother. Apparently a mother’s love knows no bounds! Bridget’s maternal instincts traversed the line between species and postoperative difficulties: she adopted all five kittens! Continue reading